About Me


I first started playing Live Action Role-Play games or LARPs in 1999 at the age of 16. The first game I played was Amtgard. I helped start the Amtgard chapter Sylvan Fenn in Newberg, Oregon. I held several local leadership offices. After over half a decade the group lost members and became defunct. I then started playing out of Dragons Forge (Oregon City, OR) for a time before moving to my current park, Silvermoon (Salem, OR).

Throughout my Amtgard career I have been known for feasts, both at the local level as well as at the kingdom level. Nine out of ten of my rose awards were for running kingdom level feasts. I was even given the title of Master Chef in 2008 in recognition of my cooking talents as well as for winning the Iron Chef cooking competition organized by the Kingdom of Blackspire.

In 2012 I seriously started running multi-day events. First starting with Winterbash and then co-running Pacific War and more recently running the role-play focused event Shattered Kingdoms, starting in 2015. I have also continued to serve in offices, both at the kingdom level as well as the local level.

I’ve also been given leadership awards in the form of the titles of Lord, Baronet, Duke and most recently Archduke, the second highest title in Amtgard. I have also been on the Board of Directors of Blackspire, an Amtgard KIngdom, several times as well as President of the B.O.D.

Outside of Amtgard I have played Belegarth, although mostly just at the yearly event Western Wars.

For a more detailed explanation of my Amtgard career you can take a look at my amtwiki.