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Hello and welcome to my Patreon Supporters page. This page is dedicated to my tier 2 and tier 3 supports. Tier 2 ($5) supporters get their name listed. Tier 3 ($10) supporters also their names listed but will additionally get to post a few sentences about themselves and get to have a link to their Amtwiki, Ork, or Authors Page.

I joined Patreon to help support my Blog and my other creative endeavors. By supporting my page on Patreon you’ll get behind the scenes access to my content, including my process, both for LARP related stuff as well as for my non-LAPR centric writing. You’ll be able to give me input by commenting on posts and participating in the occasional poll. As always my weekly blog and articles will remain free.


Right now there are three main goals I’d like to achieve.

  • $50 a Month: This goal will allow me remove the ads from the website.
  • $100 a Month: This goal will allow me to drive outside my immediate area more often, broadening my weekly blog.
  • $300 a Month: This the big goal. This will let me go to one or two of the biggest national Amtgard events a year, allowing me to blog about my experiences and broadening my content.

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Tier 2 (Cousins) Supporters

  • Michelle Davis

Tier 3 (Besties) Supporters

TJ Foltz

TJ Foltz is a paragon druid in Amtgard and a modern poetry blogger outside of it. You can find his writing and merchandise at

Vale Claddath

Vale is an old school Master Wizard in the Kingdom of Blackspire in the holding of Silvermoon. While he earned his Masterhood under the old system he has made sure to keep up with current Paragon Wizards. You can check out his ork page HERE.

Ser Uriel