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Illusions of the Mist Short Stories

The Illusions of Mist Short Stories are a collection of short stories set in the same setting. The current two are Urban Fantasy but the setting is varied and deep and that may not always be the genre one of the stories takes.

Dark Choices: An Illusions of Mist Short Story

Christopher, a young man, has lived a good life, he was a good student, a dutiful son and also happened to be a martial artist. Everything was going well, that is until he was confronted with his death and the choice he was faced to make.


The shorty story opens with Cullen, a young boy, waking up in a lush forest. Problem is Cullen had fallen a sleep in a nice arm bed in his home in Dublin. Now how did that happen?

Failed Schemes Magazine

There are many aspiring writers out there who may never have finished a novel but still have piles of interesting little tidbits of writing, be it a character background, a well written scene or just a short story they don’t know what to do with. It can be frustrating and downright depressing at times which is what this magazine hopes to help eliminate.

Failed Schemes Magazine focuses on providing a place for those who don’t know what to do with all their little literary gems but would like the chance to share them alongside others who have been struggling with the same creative issues.

Issue #1: Early Access Edition

This first issue, the Early Access Edition is filled with five fictional short stories of varying lengths and topics. The hope is that people will read this, like the format, tell their friends and find others who will want to contribute in future issues.

Issue #2: The War of Worldcraft

This second issue of the magazine, The War of Worldcraft, focuses on building worlds. In it you will find fantasy focused writing that helps build up the worlds that are being written about. As always at the end of the issue you will find background information for each entry.