LARP Videos

This page is dedicated to Amtgard and other LARP video content.

Who is Baelnorn?

This is an introduction video to who I am and the kind of content I make.

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LARP Chats

LARP Chats is a series of interviews of Amtgard and other LARP players.

Let’s LARP

Let’s LARP is a series of informative videos, while it could be helpful for any LARP, many of the videos focus on topics helpful to the LARP game Amtgard.

LARP | Foam Fights

This collection of videos is one on one fights between foam fighters.

LARP | Amtgard Class Battle Games

This collections of videos is dedicated to Amtgard class battle games. There is foam fighting of course, but in these games people also have magic and abilities given to them by classes. It’s a more LARP centric activity than just foam fighting.

LARP | Amtgard Ditches and the Like

This list of videos focuses on the Amtgard game commonly called Ditch. In this game there are no abilities, it’s pure foam fighting. Two sides face off, the first dead from the winning side goes to the losing side at the end of the battle. Thus it self balances over time.

You may also find other types of foam fighting battles here, the key is that they don’t include any special abilities.

LARP | Foam Fighting Classes

LARP | Amtgard Foam Fighting Tournaments

Here is a collection of foam fighting tournaments from the game of Amtgard.

Baelnorn’s Video Blogs

You’ll find a list of the video Blogs that Baelnorn has done. Some of them are LARP related, others are just Baelnorn having fun out in the world.