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Knights as Cultural Pillars

Knights are an important aspect to Amtgard. This Article explores how knights relates to the idea of Cultural Pillars in a LARP organization.

Amtgard and Cultural Pillars

This article defines and explores the concept of Cultural Pillars, setting up a framework of understanding for a series of future articles.

World Building: Quest Basics

Welcome to the next article in the series “World Building”. The first one was World Building: Initial Approach. That article talked about how you approach the world you want to create. It would help if you learn the two basic approaches to building a world, the Macro Approach and the Micro Approach, which that article …

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World Building: Initial Approach

There are two basic ways you can approach World Building, the Macro Approach and the Micro Approach. This article will explain the basic premise of the two approaches, talk about how I approach, them depending on the project I’m working on, as well as talk about which approach might be best for you. To help …

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What is Amtgard?

This article is intended to help those who don’t know what Amtgard is to understand the game better. In it you’ll find topics on what kind of Live Action Role Play (LARP) game Amtgard is, conversations about the fighting, information about the classes and resources to help you get into the game. What Kind of …

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Service Households

Houses in Amtgard can take many different forms and serve several different purposes. A House could be created for the purpose of fostering leadership, or positive change. A House could be created for something as simple as the promotion of a healthy diet, and exercise; one could be created for the dedication of service in …

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Cultivating the RP in LARP in Amtgard

My last article asked the question “Is Amtgard a LARP”. My answer was yes, but with the caveat that the role-play amount varies by park and region. While writing that article I started to describe ways to improve the role-play in the community but decided I was drifting too far away from the main point …

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Is Amtgard a LARP?

I’m going to piss some people off and give the answer to the question “Is Amtgard Live Action Role Playing?” at the start of the article. That answer is yes. By a literal interpretation of LARP, it is a LARP.  When you step out onto that field you are playing a live action game where …

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Masterhood and Knighthood

I’d like to take a few moments to talk about the differences between masterhood and knighthood. The following is just my take on the two awards and their meaning, other people might have differing opinions and that’s alright. The basis for both of these awards is the award ladder system. This system is very much …

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Evaluating Sites

Are you planning a day event, or maybe a multi-day event, then you’ll need to find a site. This guide will help you create a checklist to guide you in evaluating a site. The guide covers various aspects which you might need to consider when looking at new sites, you can use it as a …

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