Spring Color Contest 2022

The contest askes the question, “What does Color mean to you?” The purpose is to highlight peoples thoughts on what it exactly means and to share those thoughts with every one else.

Requirements: To enter fill out the form bellow. You’ll need to write a 3-4 sentence paragraph about what Color means to you, along with a photograph of yourself (optional). You will also need to have earned at least one color credit within six months from the end of the submitting period, June 5th

Deadline: June 5th.

Raffle: Anyone who meets the requirements and chooses to enter the raffle will will a chance of one free admittance to the campout Shattered Kingdoms, an Amtgard RP centered event held in the Pacific Northwest.

What Else Do I Get?

In addition, if you so choose, you will be put into a pool of entrants who will have their entry displayed on this website. As well as one person to be featured on the front page and have their entry posted on the Blackspire Facebook Group at a frequency to be determined by the amount of entrants.

Entry Form