Baelnorn being silly and wearing a crown.
Baelnorn being silly.

Welcome to the Baelnorn page!

This site started out as a simple LARP blog but has grown in to a hub for all of my content creation endeavors. I write, take pictures and videos, stream video games and do LARP (mostly Amtgard) centric Twitch shows.

You’ll find links for my content all around the web page, but there are a few things I’d like to Highlight

The Blog; The thing that started it all, the Amtgard blog. It’s a bit broader now but it still LARP centric.

Twitch: This is my Twitch channel. Don’t let the name full you, Synth Dad is Baelnorn.

Patreon: My Patreon isn’t just a page where you can support my content. You can also find additional content, such as my writing. Right now I’m writing a novel you get to see one post at a time.

YouTube: Here you’ll find all my video content, including fighting videos, gaming clips and VOD Twitch Amtgard/LARP shows.