Fighter Application

This is the fighter application for the cooperative narrative story telling video project entitled “Gladiators of the Shadows. I’m looking for at least six fighters for this project.

The Project

The project is estimated to be 20-26 episodes long YouTube series. Each episode will be approximately 15-20 minutes long. The project was inspired by Pro Wrestling.

The story elements will be told through semi-improved segments which sandwich a 20 round fighting session. The fighting will not be pre -determined. The results of the fights will affect how the story is told. The show is intended to be a bit corny but with series elements weaved throughout.

What You Will Need To Do

This is a fairly involved project, but most of the work will be done online, in Discord. Before any video shooting is done you will be expected to work with me (Baelnorn) and the other people in the project, to create a character, with a background, as well as develop the your story.

At a minimum you will need to read the Discord and respond at least once a week. You will also need to attend the production campout which will be a Thursday to Sunday event. It will most likely be held within a thirty minute drive of Centralia, WA, but that is not guaranteed. Rest assured you will have at least 10 months noticed of when and where the production event will be held.

You will also have to do some acting. You will need to be able to record several 5 (approx.) minute promos. This will require you to do some improvisation, however we will have worked on at least an outline for you to follow. Depending on your level of comfort some or all of them can be developed so there is a more detailed outline, including lines if need be.

If you’re still interested please fill out the application below