D&D and a Soft Rebranding

I’ve had a lot of ups and downs the past few months which has affected how much content I put out. Sadly the blog has gone to the wayside due to the pandemic and the LARP i go to, Amtgard, being shut down. I’ve spent most of my energy on growing Twitch and my writing. I’ve also since changed my Twitch handle from Synthdad to BaelnornTV.

I’m conitinuing that trend and removing all traces of the Sythdad branding. This is mostly minor things, but will consolidate my brand and make it feel more cohesive. The focus will be on Gnomes!

For starters, all of you wonderful readers, patreons and channel subscribers are part of The Gnome Nation and I’m rebranding the different Patreon levels into gnome levels. That’s about it. Additionally I’ve changed the channel points on Twitch to gnome hats.

Now that is out of the way we can talk about something more entertaining, Dungeons and Dragons!

Dungeons and Dragons

I am going to be running a D&D game set in the world of Shattered Kingdoms. The world I created for the Amtgard LARP event of the same name. We originally were going to start in January, but life happened and I went into a deep depression there for a few days. Needless to say, I had to reschedule, but everyone was understanding.

We have reschedule the game for February 28th at 12pm PDT. It will be streamed live on my Twitch Channel. The players are Gustav, Darb, Kormac and Uriel. The game is using 5th Edition D&D and we are starting at 3rd level.

I wanted to make the game more interactive for the viewers so I’ve set up a comprehensive website that will be constantly updated with story progression and new information as the campaign continues. Additionally I’ve created a new way players can participate in the story. We will be using a fate system and viewers can spend channel points or bits to give the player’s bonuses in the game and even increase or decrease the difficulty of an encounter. The system is outlined HERE.

There is even a dice cam, which was purchased by popular request. I have three sets of dice and people can pay channel points to change out the dice to one of the three sets.

Purple and Gold dice and Green and Gold dice

I’m really looking forward to running this game. I hope you’ll join us. If you’d like to join the Facebook Event so you can keep track of the event you can find the link HERE. I hope to see everyone there!

Dark Choices

I also recently finished my first short story that was primarily written while streaming. It’s called Dark Choices and is set in the same world as the Philip Clowes novel I’m writing. This short story takes place in chicago in the 1960’s. Christopher, a young man, is confronted with the reality of becoming a vampire and he has a few hard choices to make.

If you do purchase the short story, I’d love to get an amazon review!

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