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I'm Baelnorn a LARP blogger who primarily plays Amtgard.

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We’ve Made it

We did it! We managed to make the first Patreon goal of $50 or more a month. This means the ads on the website have been removed. No more ads! I hope they weren’t to annoying, I tried to make them low impact, but none of that matters anymore, they are all gone! Secondly I’ve …

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Ducal Drinks

I’ve done it, I’ve started a new show, a new show called Ducal Drinks. Unlike Beers with Baelnorn, this show will be a Topical Chat Show. Once a month, I will invite one to three people onto the show and we’ll discuss the topic of the given episode. I’ve invited Baroness Guin, Duke Darius and …

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Beer and Merch

This week I’m putting on another Beers with Baelnorn. This time it is focused on feasts. I wrote an article about how I run my feats which you can read HERE before the stream. I’ll be streaming it on my Twitch Channel on Thursday, August 6th at 7pm PST. You can follow the channel HERE …

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