Failed Schemes Magazine: War of Worldcraft

I promised this a few times on my weekly blog, a post about my writing and here it is! Aside from the blogging I’m also a fiction writer, although I’m not nearly as prolific as my blogging. Three years ago I started a project, Failed Schemes Magazine, a magazine dedicated to the failed schemes of writers; projects that may never have been finished but still had interesting bits of writing, character backgrounds, world lore, and what ever other interesting scraps a writer might have laying around.

I released the first issue three years ago and today I released the second issue, War of Worldcraft.

Why the three years between the two issues? There are a few reasons but the main culprit is depression. I rarely talk about it outside of my friends and I don’t think I’ve mentioned it in any of my blogs, but I’m a big suffer of the Major Depression Disorder.

I’ve been affected by it off an on since high school to varying degrees. After I graduated University in 2013 I was hit with a major episode and I haven’t really recovered. There have been some good periods since then but they were measured in weeks, sometimes months. It’s by far the worst it’s ever been. This year has been better but I’m still not at my best.

My creative writing has greatly suffered over this time and therefore the content for the magazine issues suffered. It’s mostly been discipline that has carried me through my blog posting, something I’m glad I was able to develop. In the future I hope to get other authors to submit writing to round out the issues. I had no intention of making it only my writing.

This current issue, titled War of Worldcraft is centered around world building. In it you’ll find a history of a RPG setting I’ve been working on for years as well as some writing from the Amtgard world of Shattered Kingdoms. Along with the writings you’ll also get background information for each piece, a standard for the magazine. It might give some insight into building worlds yourself. It’s over double the length of the first issue!

I’d great appropriate your patronage. Both issue 1 and 2 are a $1 each.

Issue 1

Issue 2

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