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You’re a Knight, Now What?

This article is a personal perspective of what changes when you become a knight and what you do after you become one. I want to be clear I don’t speak for all knights, I’m speaking from my own perspective based on my own experiences. I am sure there are other valid perspectives. What this article …

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Amtgard Online Presence

Key Platforms Amtgard Online Record Keeper (ORK) Amtgard Wiki Facebook In this article I will go over the basics for setting up your online presence in Amtgard. There are three main sites for your online presence in Amtgard, The Online Record Keeper (The ORK), the Amtgard Wiki (Amtwiki) and Facebook. Everyone who has played at …

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Baelnorn’s Guide to Feast Preparation

This guide will walk you through the basics of planning a feast, from conception to completion. This guide will assume you already have the feast bid and will focus on a smaller feast, around 50 people. You will still learn enough basics that you can extrapolate for larger crowds. I’ve cooked numerous feasts from as …

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