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Amtgard, Twitch and Writing

There hasn’t been much Amtgard related content these past two weeks. The notable exceptions are One Grind nation and Sword Knight Boot Camp. Both Facebook pages have had streams. Neither of which I have actively watched. SKBC and OGN SKBC did a two part series on short sword, both which are something I’d like to …

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Amtgard Online Week 8

The last three weeks there has been very little Amtgard to speak of, at least in the Pacific Northwest. I don’t think that the dip in content will last forever but I understated why it has happened. There was a lot of content for the first several weeks and then people got burnt out. Hopefully …

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Amtgard Online Week 6

There were a lot of video streams to choose from this last week, sadly all but one of them were on Saturday. The kingdom of Northern Lights put on an online ithra on Saturday. It featured seven, one hour streams throughout the day. I only managed to catch two of them. I watched Playing Bard …

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