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Dusk Hollow

For Amtgard this weekend I went to Dusk Hollow (Dallas, OR). It was a cold, but sunny day. I actually got there at a reasonable time, about 12:15. There were several people there already, including Darb and Morath. Darb and Morath were making spell balls for a kingdom initiative that Darb has instituted as Kingdom …

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More Quests!

I probably shouldn’t say this but I was pretty unmotivated for Amtgard this weekend, but I still went and not one but two days! My first day was only for two hours, longer than I actually expected to be honest. I went to my local park of Silvermoon (Salem, OR). Silvermoon I wasn’t sure I …

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Out of the Darkness

Saturday was an Amtgard Kingdom Level Event at Silvermoon (Salem, OR). It was a very special event centered around an important issue, suicide prevention. It was mostly organized by Blargiest. It was broken into two parts. The first part started at 9 in the morning at the Capital building. It was a walk to prevent …

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