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Silvermoon Winter Coronation 2019

The week after Pacific War 2019 was my local park, Silvermoon’s (Salem, OR) coronation. Sadly I arrived late, I had a very late night the night before. I got there at one, just in time to run and reeve a battle game for Ceian. The game was a simple single life ring the bell game. …

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Blackspire Fall Elections 2019

This weekend was Blackspire’s fall elections for the winter reign. They were held in Iron Keep (Eugene, OR). It was also Collegium, an event dedicated to learning. The kingdom rented out a room at the rec center, as well as the kitchen. There were classes throughout the day as well as battle games ran by …

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Cultivating the RP in LARP in Amtgard

My last article asked the question “Is Amtgard a LARP”. My answer was yes, but with the caveat that the role-play amount varies by park and region. While writing that article I started to describe ways to improve the role-play in the community but decided I was drifting too far away from the main point …

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