Amtgard Online Week 8

The last three weeks there has been very little Amtgard to speak of, at least in the Pacific Northwest. I don’t think that the dip in content will last forever but I understated why it has happened. There was a lot of content for the first several weeks and then people got burnt out. Hopefully we’ll see an upswing soon.

This last Saturday there was the second part of the Flame AMA ran by Guin. It’s in interesting series. She gets people working on their flame path to give their input rather than people who have already “mastered” it. She plans on doing this for each path. You can view the video HERE.

On Thursday I did the second episode of Beers with Baelnorn, which you can watch HERE. I think it was a success. I also had a lot of fun doing it. The subject was world building with a heavy focus on quests. I think it was an interesting take on game design and is worth watching. This time Gustav and Guin were the vocal watchers, asking questions. I also talked a decent amount about Shattered Kingdoms at the end, so if you’re interested in that event it might be all the more interesting to you.

I’m not sure what my next topic will be yet. It was suggested I do an interview with someone but I’m not sure who to interview. My first thought was Uriel but they might not be able to do it so I’m still thinking of people I could bring on. If you have any requests let me know. I might also do what I’ve done in the past and pick a topic, but at this time I don’t have any idea what. If you have ideas I’d love to hear them. The target date for my next Beers with Baelnorn is June 7th.

For my streaming ambitions I ordered a Blue Yeti Microphone. It arrived on Friday and I’m excited to use it for a stream. I’m still waiting for one of the webcams I want to purchase to become available. They have been out of stock everywhere I’ve looked the last two months.

Cartoon Baelnorn By Heldris

In addition with Beers with Baelnorn, I was thinking about streaming video games in garb and talking Amtgard three times a week. I’m not sure when I’ll start doing that but I’ve already set up a new Twitch Channel to host all my Baelnorn content. Even if the next stream is Beers with Baelnorn, it will be on this new channel. If you want to pre-follow the channel you can find it HERE. I even commissioned my friend Heldris to do a cartoon version of me for my avatars.

Speaking of commissions, Heldris is also working on an image for some Baelnorn merchandise. I think my plan is to use Designs By Humans as the store. It doesn’t give the best commissions split but it is the most popular print on demand store. If I get some sales off this first image I have a whole series planned and Heldris is on board for doing it. It will feature gnomes of course!

For next week there is only one stream that I’m aware of and that is from One Grind Nation. I believe they will be reviewing fighting videos. Watch their Facebook page for more information about when this video will take place. I think it might be on Friday evening.

I don’t have any Amtgard plans myself. I’m trying to come up with my next article topic but as usual it’s hard to think of one that I’m passionate about. It really helps to brain storm with people so if there is any topics you’d like me to cover I’d really like to hear from you. Who knows, if I find a topic early enough and it energizes me I might make it a companion piece to my next Beers with Baelnorn like I did with my last article.

Next week’s blog will probably cover some non-Amtgard topics. I’ve been working on some Urban Fantasy writing that I’d like to talk about; specifically my Philip Clowes story. I’ve been releasing sections of it on my Patreon. If you’d like to read it you can find it HERE. I currently have 5 parts released. I release one section a month. Take a look, I like getting feedback.

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