Exciting Things Abound

Tomorrow I leave for Northern Lights Coronation Campout, also known as NLCC. It’s going to be a huge event, I am food vending, it’s going to be a lot of work and stress, but that’s not why it’s going to be huge. It’s the first camping event for Northern Lights since the shut down, which is big, but why I’m excited is because they are knight two new people. Unum and Guin.

It’s no secret that they are good friends, but I think they are quality people regardless of their friend status, and will make a good addition to the knights of Amtgard. Unum is getting his serpent built on Friday while Guin is getting her belt on Saturday but that’s not what this blog is about. It’s just the event that has inspired me to write a blog about what I’ve been up to.

Things Are Not Great

The last month or so, my depression, which functions very much like a wave, has increased; I’ve taken a hit to my productivity. The biggest victim of this lack of energy has been my podcast, High Trek. I’ve fallen off track and haven’t released an episode in weeks.

Luckily I’ve had so much YouTube content it hasn’t affected my YouTube much, although it has affected releasing LARP Chats. I plan to get back on track in April.

I think things are leveling out and I’m working on ramping up my productivity again, but it will take some time to achieve.

Vblogs, Yo!

I released a new type of video for my YouTube channel, an Amtgard vblog style YouTube. I follow around Kormac during a quest day in Blackspire. You can view it HERE. I was excited to release it and the response was positive. I can’t wait to do more vblog content.

I wanted to do one for Winterbash but I made a mistake setting up my equipment and I didn’t record any sound the whole weekend. I still got video for YouTube, but I won’t be able to do a vblog style video.

I want to make it more common style of video on my channel. I don’t have a plan to release them on any schedule, just when I have one done, but I would like to do one for each camping event I attend.

Cultural Pillars Series

Early this month I released an article, Amtgard and Cultural Pillars. I loved writing and sharing it. I just finished writing the rough draft of the next article, Knights as Cultural Pillars, which I hope to release in April or May. You might also be interested in reading an old article of mine that I found pertinent, “You’re A Knight, Now What?“.

I think it will be a three article series.


As I mentioned NLCC is coming up this weekend. I hope to make videos of both knightings as well as vblog from the content I get from this weekend. I won’t be able to get as much video as I would normally get because I’ll be spending most of my time cooking and managing my food stall.

After that, we have Sword Knight Boot Camp in May. I plan to record as many classes as I can. I really really like to buy a better shotgun mic than the one I have, but I doubt I’ll get the money to do so, but it would be nice. I can’t wait till I’m able to upload SKBC Classes to my YouTube!

Thanks for reading my first blog of the year. I hope to write more blogs this year than I have in the last year or two. I hope to see you all at NLCC.

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