LARP Chats Season 2

It’s only been a little over a week since my last blog but I feel so much has happened that it’s time to write another. This time talking about my upcoming content and of course, as the title indicates, that means LARP Chats Season 2. I hope to get you as excited as I am for what is coming.

LARP Chats Is Back!

The big announcement is that LARP Chats is back for it’s second season! I was really happy with the first season and as the year came to an end I started gearing up for Season 2.

New LARP Chats Theme

With a new season comes a new theme. Last year it was memories, this year it is asking a question, “What is Amtgard?”. We’ll be asking a series of questions that try to get to the heart of what Amtgard is and maybe help us answer the question for ourselves. We’ll get their perspectives on what Amtgard is, spoiler, it’s more than just a game to them.

Just like in season one each guest will be asked the same series of questions. As always, there might be some differences in the questions, each conversation is different and unique. I’m excited to share what all of my guests have said.

LARP Chats Release Schedule

The first season was an every other week schedule, but I think that was a bit much. To much of the same content over a short period of time. I had the idea of releasing it like a TV show. I no longer wish to do that.

I plan on releasing LARP Chats the first Monday of every month, starting March 6th. My goal is to release at least 8 LARP Chats episodes this year and I think that is very doable.

LARP Videos and More!

I found a cache of 4 videos that I hadn’t yet edited. Guess, what? They are edited now. In fact they are uploaded and scheduled to go out over the next two months.

That’s right, I’m officially good on working on my Monday released content till March 27th, I have never been so far ahead on content before, it feels great. That doesn’t mean I won’t be working on content over the next two months, far from it.

Knowing I’m so far in my schedule means I will be able devote more time to working on my Tabletop Role Playing Game content. It is more of a side project so I haven’t been overly focused on producing the videos, but now I feel I have some breathing room to focus on them. I will, of course, still continue to gather video and edit, although at a more leisurely pace.

Winterbash 2023 LARP Videos

Of course, we are coming off the heals of Winterbash and that means Winterbash videos. As I mentioned in the last blog, i have a total of three coming out but I thought it would be worth mentioning them again.

The first one, Critias Knighting Ceremony has already been released. It went over pretty well. It’s at 94 views, which isn’t bad.

The second video comes out on Monday. It is the sword and shield bracket of the tournament at Winterbash. It’s the only bracket I was able to record.

The third video, the one I’m most excited to share is a vlog of the event. I hope people enjoy it. I had a lot of fun making it. It comes out on February 13

Last Thoughts

I’m looking forward to the next few months, it’s a nice feeling. I think I’m on track to achieve the goals I set out to do this year. It’s of course too early to tell, but I couldn’t ask for a better position to be in.

I’m of course still streaming, I think the move to YouTube for my Baelnorn and Friends LARP Chat Show was the right move. Just the one stream added 30 watch hours in the span of 3 hours of streaming. For perspective I usually get 3-5 watch hours per video.

Thank you for reading this blog. I’d love to hear your thoughts. If you have anything specific you’d like to see more of, or maybe less of, leave a comment.

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