Northern Lights Summer Mid-reign 2019

As the title suggests I didn’t go to my local park last weekend. Instead I went to Northern Light’s Summer Mid-reign. It was a camping event but I only went for Saturday. I originally had no intention of going but Uriel said he needed a ride and would pay my gate fee, so I said yes. However it turns out that Gustav wanted to go too so I didn’t end up driving at all.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t engage with Amtgard much at all at this event. The closest I came to Amtgard was me dressing up in garb. This might make for a less than stellar blog and I apologize.

Gustav picked us up from Uriel’s place around 10:30 and we headed out. We stopped at exit 42 in Washington to buy a pizza pocket as is tradition. Sadly it wasn’t as good as usual, which as disappointing. We made it to site around 12:30, paid our gate fees and made our way down to the field.

We immediately spotted Shayden and asked if we could use his camp as our base for the day. He was delighted and said yes. We made our way over to the Legacy Camp and set our stuff down. Gustav brought his gear and Uriel and I brought our beer. Jugging was just starting and Uriel and I cracked open a beer and started our day drinking. We walked over and said hi to a few friends and watched jugging for a while.

I saw Aurora and started talking with her. I then followed over to the Golden Lion’s encampment. I pretty much stayed there till feast. Most of the people I wanted to talked to were there or ended up walking through the camp.

I spent a good amount of time talking to Aurora and Terarin about Amtgard politics but in a positive light. There was some good conversation about the corpora and some recent change suggestions put forth by Aurora. It was a very productive talk. I even got some one on one talk with Terarin which I’ve hardly had. I think it was the most we’ve talked and it was good to get to know his thought process in relation to Amtgard.

I also made a point to get a selfie with all the people from House Gravy. There were only three of us but I try to get a picture of us at all major events. I didn’t get that chance till the evening in the feast hall. It was Gustav, Gallienus and myself.

For the feast I spent all the time on the deck out back. The food was alright. The chicken was cooked through and wasn’t overly dry and the root vegetables were soft. The slices, which I was told were pear, were not good and I couldn’t eat them. Ratatouille was also on the menu but there wasn’t any on my plate. All I can do is assume they ran out, which was a shame.

After feast I left, I didn’t end up staying for court. I said my goodbyes to the Golden Lions crew as they were packing up to head home. Gustav, Uriel and I ended up in the Legacy camp visiting with Shayden, Matty and Savy for several hours before heading home ourselves.

That pretty much sums up my Saturday at Amtgard. I didn’t get home till 3:30 am. As I said I didn’t do much actual Amtgarding. The most you could say I did was do some work on the business side of Amtgard but it was just through conversation. Next week should be more about the game, I plan to play wizard for the first time since version 7 of the rules. It should be interesting.

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