Phoenix League

I went to two different Amtgard practices this weekend. The first being on Saturday at Silvermoon (Salem, OR) and the second being on Sunday at Dusk Hollow (Dallas, OR).

I arrived at Silvermoon as the first battle game started so I was unable. to join. I took the time to get dressed in garb and talked to Minerva. After the battle game Wyell, one of the people running for Kingdom Monarch gave a little speech about what he was going to do as Monarch and then opened it up to a Q&A. There were a few questions asked.

Right afterwards Critias taught a basics survey class on fighting. He struggled a little bit but I think it wasn’t bad for one of his first classes. After wards I pulled him aside and gave him some pointers to help him the next time he teaches.

During the class, my squire, Indra showed up. Someone I was not expecting. It was nice to get to visit with him. We didn’t talk long before the bearpit tournament started. It was a 30 minute, open weapon, tournament. I didn’t do so well, only getting 5 wins. The first place winner was Critias (45 wins, 15 kill streak), followed by Kang (41 wins 7 kill streak) and then Torg (32 wins, 7 kill streak). Indra tied for 4th.

The next game was a first level only game due to a large influx of new players that day. I chose to sit out. The game went on for a little while but ended up having to be stopped when all the new players had to leave in the middle of it. They then re-balanced the teams and changed it to a normal level game. I also sat out of that game but not because I didn’t want to play, but because I had to leave before the game would be over. I needed to make it to my friends house before the prelims for the UFC fight. I sat on the sidelines talking with Indra till it was time to leave.

As I mentioned Sunday I went to Dusk Hollow (Dallas, OR). I went to help reeve the Phoenix League game. It was the last one before the final in at Pacific War against Northern Aggression. The game was between Arcana and To Many Cooks. Sadly To Many Cooks couldn’t field a whole team and only had 4 players. Still, they made a good effort of it and there was a lot of back and forth. In the end the score was 11-3 in Arcana’s favor.

It turns out I didn’t have to do to much reeving. I mostly answered a few questions about who had what enchantment on as well as watched the lines to make sure no one stepped out. No one did step out on the side I was watching. I only had to make one call while reeving and that was just to clarify something the person was already taking. Very few of the reeves needed to make any calls actually, it was a very clean game.

Aside from the Phoenix League game there was ditching, which I did participate in. During the one battle game that day I ended up staying on the side lines and sparring with Gustav. I spent some time working on feints. I managed to pull off a few that worked.

The day was actually pretty long for me, from 12:30 to about 6. There was a lot of down time, mainly due to the heat and more specifically the humidity but there was also a decent amount of fighting. There was much water consumed.

Next weekend I won’t be able to go to Amtgard, I have a family reunion I have to go to but I do have something I plan on posting. I will be posting another article.


    • nick kornafel on August 22, 2019 at 8:19 pm
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    It was a great day

    1. Thanks for commenting, you’re the first person to do so on the webpage, huzzah! Also, it was a pretty great day, despite only reeving and fighting. There were good friends and food!

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