Silvermoon Winter Coronation 2019

The week after Pacific War 2019 was my local park, Silvermoon’s (Salem, OR) coronation. Sadly I arrived late, I had a very late night the night before. I got there at one, just in time to run and reeve a battle game for Ceian.

The game was a simple single life ring the bell game. It was a class battle. People had one life per point and we played to 5 points. I had some trouble balancing the game, I’m not used to balancing such a small game anymore. We only had 9 players for this one.

Overall I think I did alright balancing, I did rebalance once during the middle of the game. I asked Ceian for some advice to how to balance it. I basically just swapped one person. I gave the team with the bow the extra person as per Ceian’s suggestion. In the end the score was 5 to 3.

Afterwards I did a bit of short sword sparring with Ciean. He did a lot better than usual, which is good, he finally started to figure me out. The key was to be a bit less aggressive, slow down and let me make a mistake. It was about even, or maybe the edge should be given to him. It was a bit hard for me to judge. He gave a good break down of the overall fight session afterwards which I appreciated. I don’t often get an analysis of my fights.

We took a short break and then Ceian wanted me to run another game but I didn’t have any good ideas. He came up with the game Recycler. It’s a game I didn’t know how to run so he said he would run it. He told me and I mean TOLD me, to play in the game. Somewhat reluctantly I went to my car to get my wizard gear.

I geared up and then we all lined up for teams and a game explanation. The game had two teams, starting at their base, it was unlimited lives and no spawn time but there was a catch. You had to spawn at one of two spots in the field. You could only spawn if the spot was empty. The goal was for a team to occupy both spots to score a point. We played to 5 points. After that explanation I realized I did know how this game worked, I just hadn’t played it myself.

The game was pretty fun and I didn’t do to badly. I pretty much know my spell ball incants, except for suppression bolt. I accidentally used the suppression aura incant to cast suppression bolt and I was corrected. I knew if sounded a bit funny. I also did a better job of hitting people with my spell balls. I still wasn’t as accurate as I’d like but it takes practice. There was also a bit of tactics in how I used my spell balls this time. I didn’t just grab a ball and cast it. Overall I think there was improvement on my end.

We ended up winning but it was a close game. The other team was using a frustrating tactic of having one member start off dead and running across the field to stand next to the spawn point near us while their team took the spawn point nearest them. Then Galinmorn, playing a battlemage wizard would crowd control whoever we had standing in our spawn and the dead player from the other team would jump in and steal the point. It was a good tactic that was just very frustrating.

There was a ditch after the game but I didn’t join in. The pole to people ration was kind of ridiculous and I didn’t want to get involved. It didn’t last to long as court was called shortly afterwards. There were several awards handed out, you can see a list of them posted on our Dutchy’s Facebook Page here.

Aside from awards we also introduced our new monarchy members. Galinmorn came in as Holder, Blargest became our new Regent, Torg stayed in his position as Champion and Critias took over my place as Guild Master of Reeves. For the first time in a long time I’m not in an office!

A game was called for shortly after court but I was unable to play. I needed to go before the game would finish. I talked with Galinmorn for a while before I eventually packed up and headed out.

Next week I won’t be able to make it to Amtgard, I’m a groomsmen in a wedding on Saturday. I’ll see if I can come up with a reason to make another Amtgard post next weekend, despite not playing Amtgard for that weekend.

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