Unofficial Fighter

Two blogs in one week?! Madness! This will be a short one. Hopefully this makes up for the possible lack of a post next week, maybe not. This Monday (7/22/2019) I went to an unofficial Amtgard fighter practice in Beaverton, OR. It was put on by Heldris and Gustav.

Normally I wouldn’t have driven that for on a Monday for a LARP event but I combined it with some hangout time afterwards. It was a good use of my time. I even ended up having a good time.

I arrived late, which was expected but I still got in two hours of good whacks. The first bit of fighting was sword and board. I didn’t do to well. I mostly fought Gustav and he had my number the whole time. I might have gotten a few kills but I can’t remember any, it was that bad. I need to work on feints. Also moving more. I’m to stationary of a fighter. That has more to do with my lack of fitness than practice though.

Heldris had gotten a good work out at the gym early that day so while they fought, they they got tired easily and didn’t fight as much. They did put in a lot of effort though.

When we switched to single short sword though, I really shined. I did very well against Gustav. I was ecstatic. While Gustav and I were sparing Darb and Critias arrived. I took the chance to take a short break while those three spared.

After my break I joined in and I was still doing pretty good. I got Critias several times, while Darb I got a little less. He was able to figure out how to hand block my right side hip shot. I did change it up and started going after his left hip which worked out pretty well.

I’m not saying I’m the best at single sword, but I am saying I had a lot of fun, I did well and I left on high note. After my abysmal efforts in sword and board against Gustav I really needed that.

I probably won’t be going to the fighter practice that often but I might go back, despite the drive. Not only do I get to do some fighting I get to hang out with my good friends.

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