Upcoming Winterbash 2020

I spent some time at Mystic Seas (Troutdale, OR) on Saturday with Uriel. It was there “BBQ” day. It isn’t so much a BBQ a feast, the tradition started as a series of BBQs though. This month they had scotched eggs and corned beef. Falcon made the scotched eggs and Fazadar made the corned beef, potatoes and cabbage. Both dishes were yummy, although I didn’t have any of the potatoes and cabbage. I just stuck to the eggs and corned beef. I ate meat heavy, I loved it.

Aside from the food I didn’t really do anything other than talk. There was a tournament, but it was in a far field, well out of view of the structure, so I didn’t get a chance to watch it. I didn’t mind though. The weather wasn’t too pleasant, so the shelter was nice and it was fun to catch up with people. I talked a little with Derek Roth about writing and dragon awards in Amtgard. I think he has deserved his 9th dragon for the works he’s done so I’m pushing for it. Uriel and I ended up staying there till dark.

I hope you don’t mind but I wanted to take a lot of the time with this blog to talk about Winterbash 2020. It’s only a few days away! Originally I was just tapped to run the tournaments, but halfway through I got elevated to co-crat with Galinmorn  by the lead crat, Uriel. That meant I had to take a step back from tournaments, although I’m still helping run them. I asked Heron to run the main tournament and help me with the Team tournament on Friday. I’m still running the early bird tournament on Thursday by myself.

What does it mean to be a co-crat? Well it means a greater range of authority and responsibility, but with Uriel being lead crat, it doesn’t mean as much actual work as it otherwise would. I’m there to answer questions and problem solve, and to help make sure the event runs smoothly at all levels. On site I’m also making sure that the games crat and the role-play crat are on track and have everything they need. I don’t foresee much extra work because Kormac and Torg are on the ball there.

What I’m most worried about is the drive to Winterbash. There is a possible storm hitting on Wednesday, with snow in the forecast. It just so happens Uriel, Heldris and I are heading over the mountains Wednesday night to a hotel, so we can get up early and go to site on Thursday. I’m worried that the pass will be icy and snowy and therefore dangerous. My tires are fine but I don’t have studs or chains. I’m sure it will be okay, it just might end up being a much longer drive than I would like to make. Once over the mountains everything will be fine.

While I look forward to running a smooth event and providing fun for all the Amtgarders, I’m also looking forward to the night activities. Friday night is looking to be chalked full of fun. There is a masquerade ball being ran by Kai, the Kilted Dwarf Tavern, ran by Kormac and Magic The Gathering Tournament, not to mention Jerago’s vigil. He’s being raised to a Knight of the Serpent on Saturday. There is just so much to do. It’s also well know that Amtgard has a party culture, something I’ll be taking part in. I’ve designated Friday night as my party night as my responsibilities on Saturday are limited. That’s not to say I won’t be up drinking Thursday and Saturday. I just don’t plan to go hard or stay up to late.

Additionally I’m going to be running a snack bar for profit. I have Fritz helping me when my duties call me away from my stand. I’m not doing anything special, just selling pop, candy bars, chips and microwavable noodles. I am hoping that it will pay for my traveling expenses, booze and maybe a little extra. I really wanted to give out Baelnorn business cards and magnets but the person doing my artwork hasn’t finished my logo yet.

I don’t know when I will be posting my blog next week. If experience is anything to go by, a three day event wrap up is a long blog post so it might take a few days to write and edit. I would expect it to be later in the week.

If you see me at Winterbash come and say hello! I like to hear about people reading my blog and I’m happy to answer questions.

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