What Color Means To Falcon Moonsdotter

I’m pretty passionate about Color. I feel Colors keep the parks going. We bring food/drinks. We keep an eye on stuff, while the fighters are out and help prevent theft. We’re the ones people walk up to and talk to, when they see you weirdos out there hitting each other. Color is supposed to keep a positive attitude about the game and our people.

It’s okay to have an opinion and share it with others but to be good at Color, you can still keep things respectful and keep an open mind. While anyone can sign in as color to help boost park numbers, to be Color or a Paragon Color, not being toxic, being supportive, and being respectful are all essential.

-Falcon Moonsdotter-

Falcon Moonsdotter plays out of Silvermoon in the Kingdom of Blackspire. She is known for service in office, most recently as Blackspire’s Prime Minister. She also received her Paragon color early this year, 2022.

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