Category: Amtgard Color Contest Summer 2022

What Color Means To Falcon Moonsdotter

I’m pretty passionate about Color. I feel Colors keep the parks going. We bring food/drinks. We keep an eye on stuff, while the fighters are out and help prevent theft. We’re the ones people walk up to and talk to, when they see you weirdos out there hitting each other. Color is supposed to keep …

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What Color Means To Minerva

“The rulebook defines the color class as; A catch-all term for members of Amtgard who do not participate in the combat portion of the game. To me it means leadership, fellowship and craftsmanship. It could be helping new players learn the rules or teaching someone a new craft. There is no “one way” to play …

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What Color Means To Dee Metria

Dee Metria from Amtgard

“To be honest, Colour means everything and also nothing. Colour is anything you want it to be, from non-com NPCs involved in quests and games, to crafting and the arts, to taking office, to creating role play environments, to just being a part of the community! There is a place in Colour for anyone who …

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