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Oh boy, have I been on that content creation grind! I’ve put in a lot of work the last few days and I have some fun announcements to make. I’ve been working on both LARP content as well as a separate endeavor, a podcast, called High Trek. If you’d like to help keep up my motivation, you can buy me a coffee if you’d like.

Well, lets get to it!

New Project: LARP Chats

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I’m introducing a new show to my line up, LARP Chats. It’s a series of short interviews of LARP players. Each season has a theme that connects all the interviews. This first season’s theme is Memories. The theme directs the basic questions I ask each for each interview throughout the season.

I’m excited for people to see them. Over the last few days I worked on a teaser trailer for the series. The one imbedded above. I tingle a little bit watching it. It’s my first effort of a YouTube show, something beyond fighting videos.

I’ve done Twitch Streams and I’ve posted the VODs on my YouTube, but this feels different. I made an effort to only do in person interviews. It has been a bit limiting, but I think the work is better for it.

I’ve had a blast doing the series, one interview in particular really hit me in the feels and that’s the interview of my squire Vincent. He was with me for the majority of all of the feasts I’ve done in Amtgard. and has been my right hand man. Sadly few people know who he was or the impact he had on me or the game of Amtgard.

He was visiting from Reno and I jumped at the chance to interview him. I can’t wait to introduce him to all of you. He affected the biggest impact on my Amtgard career. Come January, you’ll be able to see him and several more guests.

High Trek

High Trek 1 "Encounter at Farpoint" High Trek

The start of our series! We begin at the start of Star Trek the Next Generation, Encounter at Farpoint. We watch the episode and talk about it from our unique perspectives…all while high.

High Trek is a podcast I’ve been working on with my friend Riley. We’ve put out five full episodes and two mini episodes over the last month and a half but we’ve been recording for months now.

The basic premise is that we get high, watch Star Trek The Next Generation and talk about the episode. I’ve seen the show numerous times but Riley, they haven’t seen it at all. This is a podcast where two extremes meet in the middle, eat some edibles and analyze the show.

Normally I edit a podcast over several days, but things got out of hand and I needed to edit a full episode in one day, which was two days ago. That’s not all the work I’ve done on High Trek though.

In the last two days I also created a Facebook Page, a Twitch account. I created an email and set up an email newsletter program and the most time consuming project of the lot, a web page,

The Next Week

As I’m writing this I’m preparing to leave for Las Vegas. I leave the house at 5:30am and wont’ get home till Tuesday night. It’s going to be one of a time.

I won’t just be having fun though. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m also going to be working. I’m going to attempt to do a VBlog, but if anyone brings it up I’ll deny it till the project is done.

This is a much needed vacation. Over the last month I’ve been very productive and I’ve enjoyed it, but I need to break up the routine and have a little fun.

I will be bringing Gnomee with me. If you want to follow his adventures you can like his Facebook Page HERE.

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