Am I Jinxing Myself?

So, I’m probably going to jinx it but I am on the verge of being ready to start up my writing streams again. When I do, I will only be tipping my toes back in the water, I doubt I’ll do it on a regular schedule to start, but at least it will be a start.

Today I walked down to the local coffee shop, got my usual white chocolate and mint breve and an everything bagel, with cream cheese of course. I wasn’t sure what I was going to work on today when I started my walk, but when I sat down I realized I wanted to work on one of my short stories.

Of course, the only short stories I’ve been working on are the ones that I want to do while I’m streaming. That meant I couldn’t actually write more of the short story but I was able to outline it. I worked on the outline for Presage, a short story I started several months ago on stream. You can find the first VOD of that story HERE on my writing YouTube. I should upload the rest of the VODs, which I just realized I haven’t. There are four more VODs to upload, but it will take some time to upload them all.

Anyways, I finished the outline. It was a bit hard to get started, but once I did I was able to push through the muck and finish it. It’s not a perfect outline, but it’s enough to make me feel like I have enough down that I can start my streams again.

Writing Stream?

Oh ya, I used to do writing streams on Twitch. It’s just like any other art stream, except, it’s writing! Writing streams are not a huge thing on Twitch, but there are people who do it. I do it a little different than I’ve seen other people do it. Often I see people do writing sprints, I do not do those.

What I do is write my story, engage in chat, explain why I do what I do. Typically I will write a paragraph, read the paragraph, talk about what I wrote about, if it makes sense to do so. I also explain most of my reasons for changes I make. On occasion I’ll even ask for suggestions for the story.

I have set aside a series of stories for my Illusions of Mist setting, to write only while streaming. In this way you can watch the whole process I go through for writing, minus the outlines. Although I do show my outlines and go over them during the stream, so in that way the whole process is caught on stream.

Dark Choices

Presage isn’t the first short story I’ve worked on while on stream. I actually wrote, edited and eventually published the short story Dark Choices before I started working on Presage. I’ve even gone so far as to read half of the story on YouTube, which you can find HERE. I really should finish recording the back half of the story. I think It’s something that I will do sooner rather than later. However, if I know people are waiting for the second half it will probably expediate the process.

Based off adding up the VODs of Dark Choices it took me about 18 hours to write and edit Dark Choices. I streamed it on a fairly regular basis. I impressed myself, I wish I hadn’t lost my momentum, but life got in the way, my mother passed and I had to take a mental break when writing the Presage short story.

Dark Choices is really what I would call my first complete short story. Sure, I’ve written character backgrounds, little vignettes for characters, or histories for worlds, or other setting stuff, but nothing I’d really consider a complete short story. I was rather pleased with myself and continue to be inspired by the knowledge that it is something I have done. It helps me believe I can do it again.

When Will You Stream?

Good question, thanks for asking. When I started this blog, I wasn’t sure, but I might as well set a day and time and hope I stick to it. I’m thinking Tuesday, October 18th at 11am PST. I’ll be streaming on my Twitch Channel for now. I’m thinking I might switch to YouTube Streaming, but that’s a future me decision.

I won’t promise I will stick to a schedule at this point, but I will keep everyone updated. With my High Trek Podcast release day being Tuesday, I might end up moving my streaming day to Wednesday, but we’ll see how next week goes. I hope everyone will be able to join me.

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