Let’s LARP Series

Time for an update post. This time it’s not streaming, it’s not blogging, it’s YouTubing.

I’ve started a new series that I’m calling “Let’s LARP”, a name I have to thank my friend Riley for. This is an on going series of informational based LARP videos, although many of them will be geared towards Amtgard.

For the first several videos I will be re-writing my articles into scripts for this new series. If you don’t want to wait for them to be turned in to videos you can read through them HERE.

I’ve already posted the first video and have recorded two others. The rest of the blog is talking about the videos and my future plans for the series. I welcome input and any topic suggestions you might have. At the end of the post you’ll find an auto updating link to the Let’s LARP videos.

1st Video

The first video, which is already released, is called ” How To Do Amtgard Service Households Right”.

In the video you’ll learn about some what I think is the best methods to take to creating a service households. I talk about creating goals, a mission statement, how you might structure your household and a bit about how to grow a household.

I’ll be honest and maybe a little nick picky, the audio isn’t the best. For future videos I have fixed it, but I didn’t realize how I to fix it till the whole video was done so I decided to publish it and just fix it for future videos. It’s a learning experience.

Amtgard Role Play

The next two videos I having coming out in this series focus around Role Play in Amtgard. The next one is entitled “Is Amtgard a LARP?” In that one I talk about what kind of LARP Amtgard is and if we can really call it a LARP or not.

The one following that talks about how you can cultivate role play in Amtgard. It outlines how you can change your perspective when playing in battle games on an individual basis, to help immerse yourself. Then I talk about ways you can impact games on a larger scale to help others be immersed as well. We of course talk about Quests.

I I really enjoy the content of those two videos, it’s probably why I picked them as my second and third video to be released. I don’t have specific dates for when they will be released. They are done, uploaded and ready to go, but I have to space them so I have something to release every week.

The easiest ways to keep informed about when I release them is to subscribe to my YouTube Channel. I also post on my Facebook Page each time I publish a page, so if you’re on Facebook, you could follow me there as well.

Future Let’s LARP Videos

I have a lot of content for the Let’s LARP videos, mostly because I have a decent amount of Articles to pull from. If you have any specific article you’d like me to turn into a video I’d love to hear which ones you’d like to see.

I’ve already had a request for a feast video so I will be turning my feast article into a video, perhaps even my fourth video. If anyone has any topic requests that I haven’t written as an article, I’d be happy to receive them. You can comment below or message me on Facebook

YouTube Community

I wanted to take a few moments to mention that I now have access to the YouTube Community feature and I am using it on a weekly basis. Mostly I’ll be posting polls, for the fun of it. I’ll also be making a few quick posts here and there about what I’ve been up to and future content.

If you’re interested in being involved you can look at my community page HERE. I’d love to see your votes and any comments you’d like to post. I’ve already got some good engagement, I wasn’t sure I was going to have any, but people have been voting and I’m excited!

Let’s LARP Playlist

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