Another Double Weekend

This weekend I went to Silvermoon (Aumsville, OR) and Dusk Hollow (Dallas, OR). I didn’t intend on going to Silvermoon. It mostly depended on when I was going to go to my friend’s house down in Jefferson. He didn’t get a hold of me till late so I decided I would wait for his phone call in Aumsville since it was on the way to his house.

My Time In Silvermoon

I ended up spending several hours in Silvermoon while waiting for my call. When I arrived they were getting ready for a battle game. It was a simple capture the flag battle game. I got some video of it HERE if you’d like to take a look.

This was the first look at the new park. The park is nice enough. I still have qualms about the location. I think the location in Keizer was a better choice for future growth. We’ll see how it goes over next summer. That’s really when we’ll tell if there is growth potential or not.

After the battle game Ceian convinced me to do some short sword sparring. It went pretty well, in my favor. Ceian said he was doing a good job against Torg early, so based off all of their performances today Ceian concluded that himself and Torg were having an off day. I gave the other option that maybe I was just having a good day, Torg was having a bad day and he was having an average day. There is no real way to tell. Ceian was just being his negative self.

Afterwards there was another battle game, something to do with a taco, but I didn’t pay it much attention. I ended up talking with Akryn and Chameleon about feasting and event stuff.

A little after the battle game there was a game of winners and losers which I participated in. I didn’t do to well in that game but it was enjoyable enough. It was a good workout.

The day was getting dark and my friend still hadn’t called me. It turns out Critias was having an Arts and Sciences night and I was invited. The people going to the A&S Night left but I stayed and talked to some people till everyone was ready to leave. I headed to Critias’s house, stopping to get some pizza for everyone. After I bought the pizza my friend called me so I ended up taking the pizza to his house and skipping out on the A&S night.

My Time in Dusk Hollow

I arrived relatively on time. There were a few people already at the park. The weather was against us though, it was slightly raining, although after a little it stopped. That was the only rain we got all day. After a little while longer people showed up but the day was fairly small; there were maybe ten of us.

For the first two hours there was random sparing. I got some fighting in against Critias. He beat me a lot more than I beat him but I got some good kills in. I also focused on making sure I moved more, which he noticed. I think it paid off but my shield arm was still getting pretty tired rather fast. I need to do some weight lifting to overcome that issue.

During this time Ozzward also ordered some pizza to feed us. It was a nice treat, I threw in some money to help pay for it. It was nice to have some warm food.

After food people finally decided we would play a battle game. Ozzward organized 5 rounds of a class battle royal, which went over well enough. I recorded four out of five of them HERE, they are at the end of the playlist. Afterwards we played a game of one man forever.

Basically it’s two man forever, but after you died there was a 30 second respawn. At this point I got out my spell ball wizard kit. I played for two lives, but it was pretty fun. Both lives I had Elemental Barrage and Ward Self, although on the last life I forgot I had Ward Self and called myself dead prematurely. I controlled the field pretty well for those two lives. Hyde was particularly annoyed, although good naturally annoyed.

We ended up all leaving after that particular game. The whole day was pretty short, starting at noon and ending around 3:30. Sadly the new people that I brought the other weekend didn’t make it out. Sundown messaged me later saying they would be out next weekend. That means I’ll be out too, although I didn’t plan to. Next weekend is a Saturday Kingdom Level Event up in Mystic Seas (Troutdale, OR) and that was the only Amtgard I planned on doing next weekend. Oh well. Looks like it will be another double weekend blog.

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