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Shaking Off the Rust

I did a double day weekend. I went to Silvermoon (Aumsville, OR) on Saturday and Dusk Hollow (Dallas, OR) on Sunday. Saturday was mostly a normal day, there was no special event, but something interesting did happen. Then on Sunday there was the Arcana fighter practice at Dusk Hollow, which I recorded a few videos …

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We’re Back!

Northwest Amtgard is back! There are no more restrictions on meetings. I attended Silvermoon (Aumsville, OR) along with 54 other people. It was our coming back celebration combined with our mid-reign. There was a feast and a tournament. The tournament was a three bracket bear pit tournament, short sword, two swords and sword and shield. …

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Silvermoon Weekend

As I mentioned in my last blog I was unsure if I was going to go to Amtgard this last weekend, well I managed to go to SIlvermoon (Aumsville, OR), my home park. It wasn’t a long visit but it was a fun visit. I was there from 1-3:30ish. I would have stayed longer but …

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