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I'm Baelnorn a LARP blogger who primarily plays Amtgard.

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Baelnorn’s Journey to SKBC 2024 – A Foam Fighting Adventure

Dive into Baelnorn’s quest for SKBC 2024 with our latest blog post, chronicling the thrilling journey of a foam fighter’s ambition to conquer the Sword Knight Boot Camp in Las Vegas. From humble backyard battles to the grand stages of SKBC, join us in rallying support through a GoFundMe campaign designed to share the essence of foam fighting with our vibrant community. This adventure isn’t just about fighting; it’s about forging friendships, capturing unforgettable moments, and elevating our shared passion to new heights.

Baelnorn’s Year in Review 2023

2023 is almost over, which means it’s time for me to reflect on my channel over the last year. It’s become something of a tradition that started in 2019. I’ve found it invaluable for seeing my progress over the past several years and this year is no different. I was feeling very down about my …

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Biggest Little Fur Con

I did something I’ve never done before, I went to a furry convention. Specifically the Biggest Little Fur Con (BLFC) in Reno, Nevada. Why would a LARPer, who doesn’t identify as a furry, go to one of the biggest furry conventions in North America? A wedding of course! My high school friend Vincent (know as …

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