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I'm Baelnorn a LARP blogger who primarily plays Amtgard.

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Battle of Pyke: August 2023

This is a gallery of images from Battle of Pyke, a Portland, OR, Belegarth day event held at the holding of Pyke.

Depression and Content Creation: A Personal Story

*CAUTION: There is some Discussion of Major Depression Disorder and all that can go along with that. This is a blog post! I haven’t been very communicative the last few months and I want to talk about that, what it means for my content and what that might mean going forward. This will mostly be …

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Baelnorn At Western Wars 17

As much as I advocate for LARP as a general hobby I don’t hide that fact I’m more or less an Amtgardian. The only other LARP I’ve gone to more than once is Belegarth and that just four times, now, five, with each time being a Western Wars. The first one was at Beacon Rock, …

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