SKBC Adventures in Las Vegas

In this exhaustive SKBC blog, the author delves into their personal and emotional journey through the annual foam fighting event, Sword Knight Boot Camp (SKBC). Recounting experiences from past boot camps and the recent 2024 event in Las Vegas, they describe the technical difficulties and successes in capturing the essence of the event for their YouTube channel. Alongside the detailed narration of their classes, fights, and personal growth, they give feedback on the event’s food service. The blog also expresses deep appreciation for the community’s support, evident by the GoFundMe campaign’s success for funding the trip, highlighting how this event ties into the author’s broader goal of sustaining themselves via content creation.

SKBC 2024 Card Time

Some pictures from SKBC Las Vegas. These were taken during the card time of the event, where people got one on one time with instructors. There are a few pictures from after that time, but the event was pretty much wrapping up after card time was over.

Baelnorn’s Journey to SKBC 2024 – A Foam Fighting Adventure

Dive into Baelnorn’s quest for SKBC 2024 with our latest blog post, chronicling the thrilling journey of a foam fighter’s ambition to conquer the Sword Knight Boot Camp in Las Vegas. From humble backyard battles to the grand stages of SKBC, join us in rallying support through a GoFundMe campaign designed to share the essence of foam fighting with our vibrant community. This adventure isn’t just about fighting; it’s about forging friendships, capturing unforgettable moments, and elevating our shared passion to new heights.