Dusk Hollow Ditching

Sunday I went to Dusk Hollow (Dallas, OR) for Amtgard. I arrived around 12:30 and the weather couldn’t make up it’s mind. On the drive I went through windy, rainy weather, bright sunshine and dry overcast skies. When I got to the park the weather still hadn’t decided what it was going to do for the day.

It started out sunny but shortly after people started to fight it decided to rain. We moved around some tables and fought under the shelter for a little while while Ozzward set up a battle game.

By the time that the battle game was ready the rain had stopped and the sun had came out again. The battle game was a simple ring the bell game. You just had to reach the other side of the field and hit a shield with a weapon. I have video of the first round you can watch HERE.

After the game it started to rain and we started to ditch in the shelter again but it quickly stopped and the sun came out. I suggested we move it to the field and then we did. The ditch lasted quite a long time which I enjoyed. I went out with single short sword. I wasn’t super effective but I was effective enough to make a difference at times. I don’t think I changed sides once. I was never the first to die.

After the ditch died down I fought with Darb for a bit. He was using a short sword and shield while I was still using my short sword. He certainly won more fights than I did, but I did decent I think, wining maybe a third of the fights. We did that long enough that I fought for a while while breathing heavily. It was a fun work out.

I then got a video of Darb and Critias fighting short sword. This was a follow up to my YouTube’s featured video of them fighting sword and board. Unlike the first video, which was 2 minutes, this one is more like 7. You can view it HERE. There are some good fights and worth a view.

Later Belnieros ran a capture the flag game. By this time the weather had decided on overcast and cold. The game was a best to 3 game. There were two flags, one at each base. To score a point you needed to have both flags at your base. The flags in this case were actually short swords but you couldn’t use them as short swords. You were also fragile while carrying the “flag”. It was a close game ending in a score of 2 to 3. I recorded all five rounds. You can find the first round HERE.

After a break Vale showed up and we played another game of capture the flag. This time I reeved. I don’t remember the score but it was another well balanced game. Vale was playing healer and he was messing up the order of the heal spell incant. That’s when I imparted some wisdom that really clicked for him; the order of the incant is based on medical field basics.. First you stop the blood, then you mend the bones, then you close the wounds. He’d never thought along those lines before.

After the game Vale and I did a first to ten short sword fight. He won, I believe it was 10 to 5 or 6. At the start he was worried he was going to lose but after going for fight to fight, he pulled a head.

That was pretty much the end of the day. There was some visiting afterwards but it was getting dark. We ended up leaving the park a little before 6. It was probably one of the longest days of the season for us.

Next week I will be driving to Arizona so I won’t be able to do the normal weekly blog. I will try to have something posted, probably related to the campout, Shattered Kingdoms but I’m not sure, we’ll see.

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