OGN Charity Stream

This week is pretty light on Amtgard content. The most notable news, in my opinion, was the One Grind Nation streams put on by Dalos. This week he did two of them, with the aim of generating money for his people in Yakima. They have been hit particularly hard by the virus.

From Dalos’ Post:

“For those wanting to help out the Yakama I will be doing a charity stream tomorrow and likely a special one tonight. 100% of whatever gets donated will go to a couple of the community charities in the Yakama area to help out my people.”

The first video was “Footwork for Various Opponents” and the second one was “Feints” I didn’t catch the first one, but I did see most of the second one, Feints. As usual the video was very informative. I’m not the best at implementing fakes, based on what I’m told, so I took special note of this video. He talked about several different feints, several of which I’m looking forward to incorporating.

The point of the stream was to educate but also to raise money for the people of Yakima. With the money people donated and some companies who matched donations, he was able to raise a total of $9,000. I’m sure that he would be willing to take more donations. If you’d like to donate you can send money directly to his PayPal.


Beers with Baelnorn Update

The next episode is on July 2nd at 7pm PST. It will focus on creating and managing fighting companies and households. I wrote an article on Service Households which is what I’m building upon. It might be a good idea to take a look at it before the stream.

I’ve also created the Facebook Event for the upcoming Beers with Baelnorn. Join the event to get notified when I go live. I usually go live ten or fifteen minutes before the start time, just so people can join in and be ready for the content. I play music videos before the main event.

Writing Update

This week I had a watershed moment in regards to my Philip Clowes novel. I finally figured out what the main climax moment is in the story. This has lead to me coming up with several new scenes. It also helps me connect my scenes in such a way as to lead up to the pivotal moment.

I don’t want to go into details about what exactly the climax is but it did make me have to rethink how to tell the story. For example, I wasn’t really interested in telling the tale from the side of the bad guy, but after figuring out the climax, I felt it was necessary. That opens up the story to a whole new angle and adds more content.

I also settled on my magic system, or at least enough of it, to continue to write the story. My next scene I was going to write needed the magic rules figured out before I could write it. I think this, along with figuring out the climax, will help push me to write more of the actual novel over the next few weeks.

The Future

Aside from the novel writing and Beers with Baelnorn, I have another project, an Amtgard project. I was waiting till this project was complete but what the heck. My service household, House Gravy, is working on a month of Amtgard focused streams.

Right now we only have ideas for 4 streams, when the total we’d like to have is 8 streams, two for each weekend. Hopefully we’ll come up with the additional content. If not, this might end up just being a weekend of streaming content. The target month was July, but as it’s fast approaching, that might be difficult. We shall see though!

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