Silvermoon Mid-reign

This last Saturday was Silvermoon’s (Aumsville, OR) Mid-reign. I was coming off a night of partying with a friend, which means little sleep, so I ended up at the park late, around 1pm. I was feeling pretty unmotivated, having only slept 3 or 4 hours the night before.

Shortly after arriving Darb ran a battle game. it was a capture the cone style game. There were several cones scattered around the field and the goal was for your team to capture the most cones within the given time limit. They played a few rounds of this. I recorded the first round, which you can see HERE. The first round was reasonably close; the final score was 4 to 6.

After a few rounds Galinmorn called for court. If I remember correctly there were a total of 36 awards handed out. Most of them were awards that were missed over the last several years, especially when it came to Ceian. He went from having no Smiths to having 6. They were deserved, but it will look odd on his record considering they were all given at once, not that he will care about that. I believe the highest level award that went out was a 7th rose for Blargiest. No crowns went out that day like I was expecting, but Galinmorn said he would hand them out before Winterbash.

After court there was a short ditch, but it didn’t last long before there was a call for a battle game. The game was a basic control the point style game set up by Torg but ran by Galinmorn. The goal was to hold the point for 5 non-consecutive minutes. They played best 2 out of 3. It was a close game, although people didn’t seem to feel like it. All three rounds were within a minute of each other and the end score was 1 to 2.

The end of the day saw me mostly talking to Galinmorn while other people played a battle game. The last game was a kill your killer game, but with classes. The goal was to be the last one alive. You came back alive if the person who killed you died. I believe no one won, they called the game after the last two people killed each other.

I ended up leaving a little after 4:30. Despite not doing much it was a pretty full day. I’m unsure if I’ll be able to go to Amtgard next weekend due to an abundance of birthday parties. If not I’ll probably do a blog on Winterbash, which is less than a month away.

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