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Unofficial Fighter

Two blogs in one week?! Madness! This will be a short one. Hopefully this makes up for the possible lack of a post next week, maybe not. This Monday (7/22/2019) I went to an unofficial Amtgard fighter practice in Beaverton, OR. It was put on by Heldris and Gustav. Normally I wouldn’t have driven that …

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Northern Lights Summer Mid-reign 2019

As the title suggests I didn’t go to my local park last weekend. Instead I went to Northern Light’s Summer Mid-reign. It was a camping event but I only went for Saturday. I originally had no intention of going but Uriel said he needed a ride and would pay my gate fee, so I said …

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Website is Now Live!

Loyal followers will probably already have noticed that this isn’t actually the first post on my blog’s website. This was mainly due to my excitement. The web page was basically done when I wrote my weekly blog and I didn’t want to wait to use the site. However this is the official welcome to my …

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