This last weekend was kind of rough for me. If you’ve kept up you’ll know that I was helping my grandparents move to Arizona. It was a long trip, 1,400 miles and it didn’t go as planned. The first night the tread on the back tired came flying off, damaging the truck and making me put on the spare. The damage was cosmetic, so we contineud on.

When we were about 125 miles from our final destination, something I feared would happen, happened. The back tire blew out and not just one of them but both of them. The truck started to swerve as I slowed it down and it nearly went off the road. It started to tip over but I managed to gain control of it enough to stop the truck from rolling. I ended up in the middle of a freeway in Arizona with both back tires blown and garden furniture from the back of the truck littering the side of the road. Luckily I eventually remembered it have 4 wheel drive and I turned it on and was able to move it out of of the road.

I was lucky, I was unhurt. My grandparents had the truck towed the rest of the way. As you can tell my week was a bit rough. I hadn’t had an adrenaline rush like that in a while and I was in shock. After it wore off I could feel my wrist and right ankle were sore but not so bad I thought I should seek medical attention. After a few days they were fine.

Going into the weekend I was not all that motivated to go to Amtgard, partly because I just got back from the trip and partly because I just started seeing someone and she was heavily on my mind. I can see how dating someone can easily distract them.

I skipped Saturday, as I always intended and went to Dusk Hollow (Dallas, OR) on Sunday. As I said I was feeling unmotivated so I didn’t mange to get there till 1:30. I wasn’t the only one that was feeling unmotivated. The attendance was super low. The only person there when I arrived was Vale. A few people showed up not much longer after me.

The four of us that were there, Vale, Falanok and Belnieros did a half an hour of winner losers using only the short sword. I did pretty well. My normal blocking works, except on Vale. He beat me more than I beat him. He throws unorthodox shots, which if I don’t block, will kill me, but if I do block them, I have to move so far out of my guard that I’m left open. Although, if I get the block, my follow up attacks usually killed him.

After a half an hour of good fighting I was sore. Going into the fight my hips were already a bit sore but they certainly got worse and my right arm was pretty tired too. That was the extent of my fighting for the day.

I got some video of Vale and Farlanok fighting, which you can see HERE. The video is about 3 minutes long. I left shortly after I recorded that video.

Sorry for the short blog this week, I guess not every weekend can be exciting. I really regret missing the Day of the Ditch up in Inland Ocean (Seattle, WA) but I just didn’t want to make the 8 hour round trip by myself, especially after just driving down to Arizona.

Next week I believe is our kingdom Coronation down in Iron Keep (Eugene, OR). I should be able to make that, although it seems I’ve developed a cough, so we’ll see how that goes.

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