Weaponmaster and Twitch

This last weekend Blackspire had it’s Weaponmaster tournament. It was held at Dragon’s Forge (Oregon City, OR). Along with the tournament there were also two battle games, which, considering the tournament style, that’s not always a given.

I arrived shortly after noon and there was already a decent amount of people unpacking. Ceian was there, ready to have people sign-up for the tournament. The sign-ups closed promptly at 1pm.

In the meantime, while Ceian was writing up the brackets, Darb ran a battle game. The battle game was a variation of a timed capture the flag. There were two opposing teams, the goal was for one team to gather “treasure” and turn it into the treasure keeper to score a point. There were cones that were worth one point and larger objects, that were heavy objects, which were worth 5 points. The other team defended the treasure. Once the first team went, then the positions changed. The team that was able to gain the most points within in the time allowed was declared the winner.

The tournament was started shortly after the game ended. It was ran very efficiently ran. Ceian did an amazing job going through all 5 brackets in a reasonable time. The overall winner was Bigmac.

Because the tournament was ran so quickly they were able to run a second game. This second game was ran by Ceian. It was a basic capture the flag game, the catch was that it was a three team game. To score a point a team had to have all three cones at their base.

While they were playing the game I de-garbed and packed up. It was getting dark and I was going to pick up Uriel from work. The plan was to hangout at their place for the night. I said my goodbyes and headed out, Leaving the park at 4:30.

Twitch and Things

The poll about whether I should stream an AMA ends today and unless something dramatic happens, it looks like I will be streaming an AMA on twitch. I do not know when that will be, but I hope to do it within the next 30 days. I’ll have a poll up today about what game people would like me to play.

I have some reservations though. I’m worried that I won’t notice questions in chat in a timely matter. I’ve had some problems with that in the past when streaming. Having a second person to read the chat would be helpful but I don’t see that being very viable.

I’ve actually streamed regularly for a few months straight before, when I was trying to get my Apathetic Gamer Twitch channel going. I had no real success. I’m re-branding that channel rather than making a new channel. The channel banner still says The Apathetic Gamer, but my banner guy and good friend Co-oach, is working on a Baelnorn banner for the page. If you want to pre-follow me before the AMA, you are welcome to.

Twitch Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/therealapatheticgamer

I’m also adding Twitter and Instagram to my repertoire. I’ve already set them up. I started a new Twitter and repurpose my old Instagram. Please consider following me on both. Twitter has no real content, yet, but Instagram has several pictures, including several from when I went to Europe.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Baelnorn1

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/baelnorn1/

Keep an eye out for the Twitch Game Poll for later today on my Facebook Page!

Check out my Supporters Page! We now have two tier two supporters.

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