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We’re Back!

Northwest Amtgard is back! There are no more restrictions on meetings. I attended Silvermoon (Aumsville, OR) along with 54 other people. It was our coming back celebration combined with our mid-reign. There was a feast and a tournament. The tournament was a three bracket bear pit tournament, short sword, two swords and sword and shield. …

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Quals and Warmaster at Dusk Hollow

This last Sunday I went to Blackspire’s Kingdom qualifications and Warmaster Tournament. It was being hosted in Dusk Hollow (Dallas, OR). I spent the previous night at Uriel’s place and we drove down in the morning. Sadly we got a late start and weren’t able to get there till one. Once I there I set …

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Dusk Hollow Celebration

Last Sunday Dusk Hollow (Dallas, OR) was celebrating their elevation from a Shire to a Barony. This means that their number increased to a new level and it allows them to hand out higher level of awards as well as earn higher titles for holding office. It is defiantly something worth celebrating. They planned a …

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