Website is Now Live!

Loyal followers will probably already have noticed that this isn’t actually the first post on my blog’s website. This was mainly due to my excitement. The web page was basically done when I wrote my weekly blog and I didn’t want to wait to use the site. However this is the official welcome to my website post. So welcome to my site!

Moving to a website will help me reach a larger audience by allowing the content to be easily scanned by search engines. I will have more organic visitors. It also allows me access to site analytics so I can tell how many people are coming to my website, which content they are reading and how long they are being engaged.

The second thing that a site will allow me to do is to offer better content. The most obvious new content you’ll find on my website is the resource page. I have a good start on it but I hope to expand it. I might be a bit picky but you would be surprised how hard it is to find quality and current content for Amtgard, Arts and Sciences and Foam Fighting. Take a look at what I have so far HERE. I’m looking for web pages and YouTube videos and channels. If you have any suggestions let me know, I’d be happy to evaluate them.

The other sections are not really new content. I have uploaded my articles from Facebook. They are now easier to find than they were on the Facebook page, which is a plus. I also have added a galley to my web page but I will continue to upload to my Facebook page as well so I can tag people.

I also want to be upfront about ads, I will be introducing non-intrusive ads to the web page once my Google Adsense account is approved for the site. I don’t want them to get in the way of the content. There will be no inline adds or adds between paragraphs. They will be at the end of the posts. I hope I don’t lose viewers over this decision but I wanted to give people the option of monetarily supporting my content without having to give up their own money.

So that’s my introduction! Take a look at the site and let me know what you think. The one thing that will change is a header image, but that will come later. As a side note I’m also looking for new article suggestions. Leave me a suggestion if you have one.

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