Silvermoon Summer Mid-Reign 2019

Welcome to the first blog post on my web page. I consider this to be a soft-premier. I still need a good header but other than that the web page is ready to go. I will make an official announcement with a dedicated web page post in the next few days. 

This last Saturday found me at my home park, Silvermoon (Salem, OR). It was our park’s Mid-reign and Ceian was running a weapon master tournament.  I arrived a little late, around 12:45. When I arrived an encounter was just ending. An encounter is a quest lite scenario that starts at noon to encourage people to show up on time. They have mostly if not all ways been run my Torg. It is a pretty good tool to get people to show up on time. 

After the encounter they ditched. Sadly i was unable to join them. Despite feeling well enough to go to Amtgard I was having serious stomach and intestine issues. One good hit to my mid section and I’m not sure what would happen but I know it wouldn’t have been good.  It was a shame, it was a pretty big ditch, but chaotic. There were a lot of new people which really makes it unpredictable, but it looked like everyone was having a lot of fun. It ended as a game was called. 

It’s hard to know when to end a good ditch, you don’t want it to get so boring that people are discouraged, but you also don’t want to end it while everyone is having fun. A good ditch has been a rare thing at our park. I think in this case they may have ended the ditch too early but I wasn’t playing so I don’t have to much of an opinion. 

During the battle game I talked with Kai and Minerva who convinced me to participate in the Selfie Contest being put on by our Duke, Ceian. He is encouraging people to post selfies on the MeetUp app to get us more exposure. The winner gets a belt favor. So far the front runners are Chameleon, Minerva and Kai. They have uploaded hundreds of pictures. I have no hope of winning, but beating them isn’t my goal, my goal is to beat Critias. At last count he only had 8. I issued the challenge publicly and he has responded. It’s on!

After the battle game was the tournament. I did participate, but by reeving rather than fighting. The tournament went very smoothly thanks to Ceian planning it out. By the end I was feeling pretty dizzy though, I really needed to sit down. The overall winner was Critias, the second place winner was Hyde and in third place was Odin. 

After the tournament was court. Fifty awards were handed out, a lot of lower level awards The highest awards that went out were level 6th. A rose for Blargist for his work at Shattered Kingdoms, Torg, a Smith for his work on quests and encounters, a rose for Kamerah Ladi for her work at Shattered Kingdoms, a Dragon for Ginga for her art work on a Baron title and then Sploob for his work on the Shield of Balance which was donated to Shattered Kingdoms. 

After court was another battle game and a fairly interesting one. It consisted of three rounds. The goal was to gather cones and place them on a shield. A member of the other team could knock them off. At the end of the round the total cones on the shield were counted as points. It looked fun although this specific instance of the game looked unbalanced and the points seems to have supported this observation. 

Next week I’m not sure where I’ll be. I might be up at Mystic Seas (Portland, OR) or I might be at my local park. Mystic Seas is having their monthly BBQ plus they are doing a chili cook off. I wouldn’t actually be participating in the cook off but it would be fun to taste. At our local park is a Phoenix League match, Arcana vs Black Company, I would kind of like to be there to support Arcana. It really depends on my squire Indra, he said he would go to Portland so if he doesn’t back out I’ll be going to Portland with him. I’ll find out on Friday for sure. 

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