Amtgard Online Week 3

This was the third week of no in person meet ups for Amtgard but that certainly hasn’t slowed down the content. I personally only watched streams on Sunday and I guess I could include Tuesday (Yesterday) but that’s into week 4, technically.

Stream Watching

Sunday I watched several of the Dusk Hollow (Dallas, OR) streams. They had 7, 30 minute streams, I did not get to watch all of them. The first one I watched was Vale’s fighting stream. It mostly consisted of some fights with Duey, in various styles and a Q&A. He brought up some opening moves and shots, but most of the teaching was based off of questions. You can watch it HERE.

The second stream I watched was Critias’ stream. It mostly centered around showing various different shots you could do. It was pretty interesting. He showed a lot of shots. He also did some Q&A. You can watch it HERE.

The third stream I watched was “Chatting with Ozzward and Guests” which turned out to be Minerva and Critias. It was very erratic, but some of the topics included what classes were best, a bunch about monk. Ozzward hates it, Critias likes it, and several other random topics. It might not be the best stream to rewatch but if you want to, you can watch the first part HERE and the second part HERE.

The fourth stream was Vale talking about wizard. I’ll be honest, I didn’t watch most of the video, I mainly watched the last ten minutes. My roommate and I got talking, plus I made myself some lunch. I did get in a question about why the longsword wizard is no longer really a thing in v8 Amtgard. It used to be fairly common back in v6 and v7. You can watch the stream HERE.

The last stream I watched on Sunday was Indra’s, my squires. He talked about fighting and mostly took questions from the audience. It was the first time he streamed and one of the first times he’s taught anything. He was very nervous, despite that I think he did alright. If you’re interested in watching it you can view it HERE.

The two streams I didn’t watch on Sunday were Punkow’s Bard stream which you can watch HERE and Akryn’s Monster stream which you can watch HERE.

The stream I was most engaged with this week though has to go to Dalo and One Grind Nation. It was on Tuesday the 7th. It was a class he normally teaches at Sword Knight Boot Camp, an event dedicated to teaching foam fighting. The class was Combat Computer and focused on sharpening your fighting mind.

The main takeaway away was how to size up an opponent and make a game plan. The class ended with an excersize you can do at home, or anywhere really. You make a list of your strengths and weaknesses as well as a list of your opponents and then you make a game plan and break it down to it’s smallest details, including foot movements, then you imagine the fight. This way you can go through many different fights without ever lifting your sword.

I’m of course over simplifying the class. It really got me thinking about how I fight and what I can do to improve. I highly recommend watching the video, which you can do HERE.

Beer with Baelnorn

I finally set a time for my first Ask Me Anything Stream. It’s April 9th at 7pm PST. I have created an outline to talk about event running, so there is something to talk about if there are few questions, but it is still an AMA. I figured I would grab some beers, answer questions and just chat.

Even if you don’t have any questions for me I think the stream will be worth your time. There will be a lot of information about event running that I hope will demystify it. Plus, who knows, maybe you’ll see a drunk Baelnorn.

Rather than streaming this on Facebook I plan on doing this on my old Twitch Channel. I used to stream and run a gaming blog; this is a holdover from that. You can follow the channel HERE if you want to be notified when I start streaming. You can also join the Facebook event HERE if you like.

I hope to see you all there.

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