Week 3 Streams

Second blog of the week! This time it’s dedicated to listing upcoming streams. The focus is on Amtgard and foam fighting. Some of the lists are incomplete but I wanted to get out as much info as I could early enough that it would be useful. To be clear this is just the streams I’m aware of in my region. I am sure there are many more streams being produced through the Amtgard world.

Inland Ocean (Redmond, WA)

IO has two streams this week. One on Friday and one on Saturday. The Friday class will be based on Amtgard classes, put on my Drusk. On Saturday the class will be basic leather tooling put on by Unum

  • Friday April 3rd, 4:30 PM PST: Amtgard Classes by Drusk. Watch it HERE.
  • Saturday April 4th 12 PM PST: Basics on Tooling Leather. Watch it HERE.

Dusk Hollow (Dallas, OR)

DH will have several streams this week but they are not all nailed down just yet. I will update this page as the slots become updated. You can check back here or you can follow the Dusk Hollow Facebook Group for more information. You may need to join the DH Facebook Group to watch the streams.

  • Sunday April 5th, 12 PM PST: Fighting with Vale You can watch it HERE.
  • Sunday April 5th, 12:30 PM PST: How to Bard and How Not to Bard with Punkow. You can watch it HERE.
  • Sunday April 5th, 1 PM PST: Talking with Critias. You can watch it HERE.
  • Sunday April 5th, 1:30 PM PST: Ghouls, Trogs and More with Akryn. You can watch it HERE.
  • Sunday April 5th, 2 PM PST: Chatting with Ozzward and Guests. You can watch it HERE.
  • Sunday April 5th, 2:30 PM PST: Wacky Wizard with Vale. You can watch it HERE.
  • Sunday April 5th,3 PM PST: Fighting with Indra.You can watch it HERE.

One Grind Nation

One Grind Nation plans on doing one stream on Saturday but they have not decided on what exactly or when. They have been streaming for the last two weeks doing random foam fighting AMAs. Saturday Dalos did some video analyzing, which I found informative. Dalos is also doing a big discord birthday party on Tuesday.

  • Saturday April 4th. Time TBD: A stream about foam fighting. Like the One Grind Nation Facebook Page to keep up to date about when the stream will start. They are in the CST time zone.
  • Tuesday April 7th. Time TBD: A big discord get together for Dalo’s birthday. Like the One Grind Nation Facebook Page to keep an eye out for the Discord invite. He is in the CST time zone.

While not a steam. I wanted to highlight another source of online foam fighting information put out by One Grind Nation, Stab Chats, a podcast series. Normally there is a paywall of $5 but they have made all their podcasts available for free through this pandemic. If you like the content you should support them with a $5 a month pledge.

You can find the podcasts on their Patreon page, HERE.

I’m actually listening a Stab Chats while I write this blog, it’s the one on The Book of Five Rings. It’s my favorite book for foam fighting, it also applies to any path, martial or otherwise. It’s worth a look at. The podcast is pretty good and is a good introduction to the book. You can listen to it HERE.

Beer With Baelnorn

Grab a beer and join me on April 9th. I plan on doing an Ask Me Anything stream on Twitch. I will start out talking about event running and probably go into some details about running a feast but it’s still an AMA. That being said we may go off on tangents based off the questions I get.

If you have any topics or questions you’d like covered please feel free to post them or send them to me before the AMA. I’d like to have the chance to be able to answer them with more depth than if it’s a random question asked on air.

I don’t have a specific time on April 9th that I’ll be doing the stream. I was thinking 7 or 8 pm PST. If people would like it earlier because they live out east, I would be willing to change it.

  • Thursday April 9th, Time TBD: Beer With Baelnorn. You can watch it HERE. The channel is named The Real Apathetic Gamer.

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