Quals and Warmaster at Dusk Hollow

This last Sunday I went to Blackspire’s Kingdom qualifications and Warmaster Tournament. It was being hosted in Dusk Hollow (Dallas, OR). I spent the previous night at Uriel’s place and we drove down in the morning. Sadly we got a late start and weren’t able to get there till one.

Once I there I set up my crock-pot to warm up my chili for the chili cook off. I then set off to the store to buy cups and spoons for the chili. When I got back my crock-pot was still cold. I tried another plug in and in half an hour the crock-pot was still cold. Either all the plugins blew a fuse since last weekend or my crock-pot broke in the last two days. Chances are it broke.

This meant that I had no way to heat up my chili, it was just a congealed mass. While it still tasted good, it was textually a disaster. I had little hope of winning the cook off and I didn’t, Ellscry won. The format was also changed, it was supposed to be a popular vote but Bean had Fazadar judge the chili. I don’t know if that would have made a difference or not. I had people tell me they still preferred my over the other two chili’s, despite it being cold, but I guess we’ll never know.

As you probably surmised from above there were three chili entries, Ellscry’s, Darb’s and my own. Darb. As I mentioned last week, challenged me to the cook off but sadly we’ll never know who, between us, won. It doesn’t really matter, the point was to get us to participate and participate we did

The other events of the day were the Warmaster Tournament and Kingdom Qualifications. I didn’t participate in the tournament but I watched it. 1st place was Critias, 2nd was Hyde and 3rd was Kungpow. I was happy to also see my man at arms, Ozzward get a few kills, especially in the Open Bracket. Of special note was a fight with Ellscry.

Elscry is a larger fellow but he fought very fast and aggressively. He moved into Ozzward’s space fast and up to the point of touching shields. It’s not something Ozzward expected or has really experienced, but he did well. He remained calm and won the fight both times (it was best of three). It was a good learning experience. Talking to him afterwards he was very unnerved and the whole experienced made him uncomfortable. While he managed to hold himself well, he needs to get more experience with aggressive fighters. Ellscry won’t be the last one he’ll face.

For Qualifications, everyone who was trying to qual for office did so. The winner of the competition competition aspect was Big Mac. He is our Arts and Science Champion for the next six months. He won with mostly, if not all, chainmail jewelry.

After the event a group of us, mostly Arcana members, went to a local Mexican eatery for afters. It was fun, afters almost always is. We exchanged gossip but we didn’t talk about anything of much note. It was just fun to catch up.

Next week I’m not sure what I’ll be doing. There is a chance I won’t be going to Amtgard at all. That Sunday I’ll be running my monthly Dungeons and Dragon’s game so that excludes Dusk Hollow as an Amtgard choice. In any event I’ll come up with something to post next week.

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