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Quals and Warmaster at Dusk Hollow

This last Sunday I went to Blackspire’s Kingdom qualifications and Warmaster Tournament. It was being hosted in Dusk Hollow (Dallas, OR). I spent the previous night at Uriel’s place and we drove down in the morning. Sadly we got a late start and weren’t able to get there till one. Once I there I set …

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What is Amtgard?

This article is intended to help those who don’t know what Amtgard is to understand the game better. In it you’ll find topics on what kind of Live Action Role Play (LARP) game Amtgard is, conversations about the fighting, information about the classes and resources to help you get into the game. What Kind of …

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Pacific War 2019

Thursday My Pacific War adventure started with a drive up to the Portland Airport. I had to pick up a very special guest, Ziana. She is a friend of mine that used to live in Washington but now lives in Texas. She decided to fly up here for PacWar to surprise her company, the Templars.  …

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