Knights as Cultural Pillars

Knights are an important aspect to Amtgard. This Article explores how knights relates to the idea of Cultural Pillars in a LARP organization.

Aloha Mystic Seas

This weekend I went to Mystic Seas (Troutdale, OR). They were holding their monthly BBQ and I was enticed by the promise of pork. This month’s theme was Hawaiian food and they made kalua pork. After the fact I felt a little guilty for not going to my local park of Silvermoon (Salem, OR). In …

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Is Amtgard a LARP?

I’m going to piss some people off and give the answer to the question “Is Amtgard Live Action Role Playing?” at the start of the article. That answer is yes. By a literal interpretation of LARP, it is a LARP.  When you step out onto that field you are playing a live action game where …

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