Tag: Feast

Dusk Hollow Celebration

Last Sunday Dusk Hollow (Dallas, OR) was celebrating their elevation from a Shire to a Barony. This means that their number increased to a new level and it allows them to hand out higher level of awards as well as earn higher titles for holding office. It is defiantly something worth celebrating. They planned a …

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A Bake Sale and a Quest

On Saturday I made an appearance at the Kingdom Level Event at Mystic Seas (Troutdale, OR). I only say an appearance because I showed up rather late and left early. I was mostly in the Portland Area to spend time with friends this weekend. I spent both Friday and Saturday night there. Since I was …

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New Players!

I sort of had a two day Amtgard weekend. I hate to call what I did on Saturday Amtgard but I did go to Silvermoon (Salem, OR). We are influx at my local holding, trying to find a new park and I hadn’t seen any of the options as of yet, so I decided to …

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