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World Building: Quest Basics

Welcome to the next article in the series “World Building”. The first one was World Building: Initial Approach. That article talked about how you approach the world you want to create. It would help if you learn the two basic approaches to building a world, the Macro Approach and the Micro Approach, which that article …

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A Bake Sale and a Quest

On Saturday I made an appearance at the Kingdom Level Event at Mystic Seas (Troutdale, OR). I only say an appearance because I showed up rather late and left early. I was mostly in the Portland Area to spend time with friends this weekend. I spent both Friday and Saturday night there. Since I was …

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More Quests!

I probably shouldn’t say this but I was pretty unmotivated for Amtgard this weekend, but I still went and not one but two days! My first day was only for two hours, longer than I actually expected to be honest. I went to my local park of Silvermoon (Salem, OR). Silvermoon I wasn’t sure I …

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