Dusk Hollow Celebration

Last Sunday Dusk Hollow (Dallas, OR) was celebrating their elevation from a Shire to a Barony. This means that their number increased to a new level and it allows them to hand out higher level of awards as well as earn higher titles for holding office. It is defiantly something worth celebrating. They planned a big event; a tournament, quest and a feast.

I arrived around 12:30. I got dressed in my Amtgard garb and headed over to the under covered shelter and put down my sword and shield. They had also planned a bottle drive to raise funds for their park and I asked where I should put my bottles. I had brought two bags and box full. I went back to my car, got them, and set them down where they indicated.

By the time I was ready to fight they were doing a ditch and a good many of the people were fighting short sword. I had my Man at Arms, Ozzward, fight short sword and I went to join them, but then food was called and the ditch died before I could get a swing in. I took Ozzward aside and did some short sword practice before we ate.

I taught him two different shots. One was reactive and requires you to hold your sword a certain way. It needs you to anchor your sword tip to your opponents head. When the opponents steps it, your sword automatically is in the center quadrant, allowing you to easily move the opponents sword out of the way and open up a shot. It is all one fluid movement as they step in.

The second shot was more active. It was a right side hip shot. You step to you left and shoot for the hip in a downward angle. You do it in such away as your handle/pommel is in a position to block the inevitable counter shot coming to your right side. It too is a bit situational, but the main lesson I wanted him to take away was that you can think about where the opponent’s next shot is coming from and plan your attack to best optimize a block to their counter. Once you have this this ingraned in how you throw our shots, the block becomes instinctual.

We did this for about ten minutes and then stopped to get food. The feast was donated by House Tea, which I believe is lead by Old Man Lee, but I’m not sure of their structure. They were serving ham and cheese, chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy as well as a selection of vegetables.

I ate the ham with swiss cheese as well as the mashed potatoes and gravy. The chicken gravy was some of the best I’ve had. The chicken smelled delicious but I didn’t eat any. It was on bone and I’m terrible at picking bones and it makes me feel wasteful, so I usually avoid it. I probably shouldn’t have this time though, I regret it.

After the feast was the tournament, It was a bear pit into a 8 man bracket. We did single short sword, two short swords, sword and shield and open weapon. I participated in all categories but open. I didn’t do to well. I simoed a bunch in single sword, at least I ended peoples streaks. I ended up getting some kills in two sword and even made the top 8, sadly time was short so I suggested that we instead do top 4, cutting myself out of the running.

For open weapon I stepped out and recorded it. I focused on one pit. If you’re interested in watching it you can see it HERE. The starting people were Ceian and Critias. Critias had a decent run in that pit.

As I mentioned, time was running short for the day, the tournament took over 3 hours so they had to cut the quest for the day. I also ended up having to leave before they did court but Savage did let me know some of the awards going out. Ozzward got some roses and a 3rd Order of the Warrior. I’m glad he got some awards, his records were looking a little bare and I knew he’d done some service, it’s good to get recognized.

Before I left I was told by Old Man Lee that I had gotten second place in the bottle return challenge. I didn’t even know it was a challenge. For my prize he’s going to be making me a new belt. It will be nice to have another belt to use other than my nice one.

Overall it was a fun day, I was a little disappointed with my tournament performance, especially in short sword, but I was only fighting the best fighters which should have had a reasonable chance at killing me, even then I mostly took them out rather than just dying. I was surprised by the fact I got top 8 in two swords, it was a welcome surprise.

Next week I’m not sure what my plans are yet. I will probably go to Dusk Hollow on Sunday bu I’m unsure if I’ll do any Amtgard on Saturday. Only time will tell.

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