My Last Two Weeks

I was unable to go to Amtgard this weekend. A storm on Saturday knocked down powerlines at Silvermoon’s park, closing it. Then on Sunday there was Blackspires’s Weapon Master Tournament which I was unable to attend due to previous obligations. It was all very disappointing.

By all I’ve heard Sunday was a great day. Some people came down from Northern Lights and I was disappointed I missed them. Two of which placed in in the tournament. If my sources are correct Shayden won with Devry taking second. Third place was Critias.

It sounded like there was a good breadth of competition in the tournament and it was an overall fun experience. I would have liked to have seen Shayden and Devry, Given they live up in Washington I’m not able to see either of them that often.

I did do an Amtgard adjacent activity though. On Saturday (December 11th) I did Baelnorn and Friends for December. A chat show where I gather some of my LARP friends and we talk about LARP and other nerdy things. If you missed it I’ve started putting up the unedited video on my YouTUbe. You can find it HERE.

The first 4 minutes of the video is before we really get started. It’s making me think I’ll need to at least do a little bit of editing if I want to post them and not cringe a little when I do so. I have a lot going on so I’m not sure if I can add editing another things to the mix (the last third of the blog talks about my projects)

Las Vegas Update

I survived Leas Vegas, barely. I was there for 5 days and 4 nights. It was one long party full of full of several good memories. I even managed to record some of it.

There is enough video that I can coble together something for my first vblog, but I’m not sure how long it will be or how good. I learned a lot and will apply it to my next vblog project (whenever that might be).

One big thing I kind of already knew was that you should know what story you’d like to tell before you shoot. However I didn’t give the question the proper respect it deserved. I didn’t know how important it was. It helps guide your whole project.

If you don’t decide on and develop the story beforehand, you risk having to much or to little video. Plus it requires more work in post. Also f you want your video to be at least decent you’re still going to have to come up with some sort of narrative with the video you took.

With what I caught I think I figured out what I will focus on, the Tournament of Champions, which was excellent. It’s the thing I have the most video of, plus it was pretty awesome. It was also the day I managed to maintain a buzz for at least 15 hours.

My friend Dale organized most of the trip and had bought the tickets. We ended up in the front row and if I may barrow a sports term, we were near the 50 yard line. It was a great view. We were also in the Dragon section so we got to cheer for the bad guys. I finally got to put my huzzahing practice to good use outside of Amtgard. The show was decently interactive.

I can’t wait to be able to share the final product, but it will probably be a while before I finish it. I’m only at the point where I sort through video and organize it into something usable. It’s a very early stage. Sadly I have other projects I need to prioritize before I can really start to work on the vblog.

Content Creation Workload

I’m now now working on several projects which need to be released weekly or monthly. To help you understand how much work I put into my content creation here is a list of all my current projects.

1st Priority (Front Burner)

These are projects that I’m actively working on and take top priority. They are weekly and monthly content that has a deadline

  • A Weekly Podcast ( Recording, editing and promotion.
  • YouTube videos, at least weekly.
  • A weekly produced story on Kindle Vella (Baelath Chronicles).
  • Writing my novel and releasing sections monthly on my Patreon.
  • Doing Baelnorn and Friends monthly on my Twitch Channel.
  • Releasing LARP Chats (Releasing in January on an every other week schedule).

2nd Priority (Back Burner)

These are projects I’m working on but not at the expense of the 1st Priority projects. Some of them have seen more recent public releases than others, but they are all actively in the mix, even if not released on a schedule

  • Shattered Kingdoms D&D Twitch show and Website
  • Las Vegas Vblog
  • Story Driven Fighting Video Project (still looking for more fighters if you’d like to apply)
  • Building and maintaining a community on the Baelnorn Discord Server (Which is hard to get engagement),
  • Website Blogs!
  • Ducal Drinks reboot (yes, you heard it here first, I’m working up the energy to restart it)
  • Weekly Writing Streams on Twitch.

3rd Priority (Refrigerator)

These are projects that are currently on hold but are always at the back of my mind and will eventually be cycled into the 2nd or 1st priority lists. I will occasionally work on them but not at the expense of the 1st or 2nd priority projects

  • Beers with Baelnorn (I want to bring it back but it will be different than it’s previous form, not sure how yet)
  • 2nd Shattered Kingdoms D&D Twitch Show
  • Beer Tasting Twitch show and YouTube series

I’ve probably forgotten one or two projects for the 3rd Priority list, but I hope what I’ve listed gives you some idea of all the work I’m currently doing behind the scenes. If you’d like to help, financially, or otherwise, it’s always appreciated.

You can financially support me you can become a Patron on my Patreon. If monthly isn’t your thing you can buy me a coffee on Ko-Fi. I will literally use all money from the Ko-Fi site to buy coffee so I can work at our local coffee shop.

Just as important as financial support I’d apricate any social capital assistance you can give. Engaging in my content, or even just sharing it is pretty huge. Word of mouth is my own form of promotion I can afford.

For things like the website, YouTube and Twitch, just watching, spending time on the website, or liking and commenting on videos helps the algorithms. Plus I love hearing about you enjoying my content. It helps keep me motivated.

Thanks for reading!

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Work, Work

Oh boy, have I been on that content creation grind! I’ve put in a lot of work the last few days and I have some fun announcements to make. I’ve been working on both LARP content as well as a separate endeavor, a podcast, called High Trek. If you’d like to help keep up my motivation, you can buy me a coffee if you’d like.

Well, lets get to it!

New Project: LARP Chats

I’m introducing a new show to my line up, LARP Chats. It’s a series of short interviews of LARP players. Each season has a theme that connects all the interviews. This first season’s theme is Memories. The theme directs the basic questions I ask each for each interview throughout the season.

I’m excited for people to see them. Over the last few days I worked on a teaser trailer for the series. The one imbedded above. I tingle a little bit watching it. It’s my first effort of a YouTube show, something beyond fighting videos.

I’ve done Twitch Streams and I’ve posted the VODs on my YouTube, but this feels different. I made an effort to only do in person interviews. It has been a bit limiting, but I think the work is better for it.

I’ve had a blast doing the series, one interview in particular really hit me in the feels and that’s the interview of my squire Vincent. He was with me for the majority of all of the feasts I’ve done in Amtgard. and has been my right hand man. Sadly few people know who he was or the impact he had on me or the game of Amtgard.

He was visiting from Reno and I jumped at the chance to interview him. I can’t wait to introduce him to all of you. He affected the biggest impact on my Amtgard career. Come January, you’ll be able to see him and several more guests.

High Trek

High Trek 1 "Encounter at Farpoint" High Trek

The start of our series! We begin at the start of Star Trek the Next Generation, Encounter at Farpoint. We watch the episode and talk about it from our unique perspectives…all while high.

High Trek is a podcast I’ve been working on with my friend Riley. We’ve put out five full episodes and two mini episodes over the last month and a half but we’ve been recording for months now.

The basic premise is that we get high, watch Star Trek The Next Generation and talk about the episode. I’ve seen the show numerous times but Riley, they haven’t seen it at all. This is a podcast where two extremes meet in the middle, eat some edibles and analyze the show.

Normally I edit a podcast over several days, but things got out of hand and I needed to edit a full episode in one day, which was two days ago. That’s not all the work I’ve done on High Trek though.

In the last two days I also created a Facebook Page, a Twitch account. I created an email and set up an email newsletter program and the most time consuming project of the lot, a web page,

The Next Week

As I’m writing this I’m preparing to leave for Las Vegas. I leave the house at 5:30am and wont’ get home till Tuesday night. It’s going to be one of a time.

I won’t just be having fun though. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m also going to be working. I’m going to attempt to do a VBlog, but if anyone brings it up I’ll deny it till the project is done.

This is a much needed vacation. Over the last month I’ve been very productive and I’ve enjoyed it, but I need to break up the routine and have a little fun.

I will be bringing Gnomee with me. If you want to follow his adventures you can like his Facebook Page HERE.

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Rusting Over

It has been several months since I made a post. It’s been a rough year and I just couldn’t keep up with my pre-pandemic pace of weekly blogs. Not to mention I haven’t been going to Amtgard weekly since things have opened up. I still go of course, but It’s more like 60% instead of 95% of the time.

On top of that I’ve been nursing a pulled arm muscle for several months now, making it impossible to use my left arm at Amtgard. That means I haven’t been playing the game for months now. I tried not using my left but I instinctually switch hands and swing and it hurts. I don’t want to unlearn that habit so I’m choosing to wait till I’m healed before I go back to fighting. The rust is settling in before it even had time to be shaken off.

New Tool, New Skill

That being said I’ve still been recording videos and thanks to my Patreons I was able to buy a gimbal for my phone, which I’ve been practicing with. There is a learning curve but I think I’m getting the hang of it pretty quickly. At the moment the quality of the videos isn’t as good as hand held, but I had years of practice of holding it level and still. I’ve only used the gimbal for maybe 2 or 3 total hours. Once I get the hang of it, I think there will be a noticeable difference.

If you look at Amtgard Fights: Sploob vs Odin Part 1 you can see my first attempt at using the gimbal. If you look at Amtgard Fights: Sploob vs Critias 2 you can see my second attempt. While not perfect I think there is marked improvement. I have another video I’m working on, my third attempt, where I filmed 45 minutes of ditching. I did some experiments with angles and moving around so I’m excited to see what that looks like. It’s fun learning a new skill.

Amtgard Projects

I’m slowly getting back into streaming again on my Twitch Channel. It started last month when I restarted Baelnorn and Friends: October. Baelnorn and Friends is a monthly chat stream where I invite some of my LARP friends on to chat and drink. We talk Amtgard, LARP, games and general nerd things. The next one is actually this weekend, November 20th at 8pm PST (Facebook Event Page).

I also have some upcoming video projects. One, an interview series, is almost finished. I hope to make a trailer for it soon, however I’ve been putting it off because I want to tie it into my next project. My next project is a narrative LARP video series centered around a gladiator origination set in the world of Shattered Kingdoms.

I’m excited for the my second project and I can’t wait to get started, but I know it’s a long term project. I need to get at least 8 dedicated fighters who are willing to participle in cooperative story telling. There is a lot of pre-production work to do for both myself and the fighters.

My goal is to use the interview series to hype up a Kickstarter campaign to help pay for the narrative LARP video project. I’d like to run a production campout where most of the filming will take place. I have some pretty grand plans. If you want to be a fighter in the project, shoot me a message and we’ll chat.

Writing Stuff

I’m also still writing! I’m starting to get back on a weekly schedule for my writing streams. I’ve missed the last two weeks due to real world issues, but I hope to continue it next week. I stream from 11am to 1pm PST. Sometimes I’ll go longer but I’m trying to go for at least two hours. It feels good to get back to writing.

Speaking of which, I’ve once again wrote in my Philip Clowes novel. Over the span of a week I spent 3 days working on my novel and finished 19 pages of new material, on top of doing editing work. I haven’t put out this much work in a long time. It’s been crazy.

Coffee Please!

In an effort to give additional ways to help support me I finally set up a Ko-fi page. This does not take the place of my Patreon page. That’s still my main vehicle for my supporters to support me, but I thought that having the option of a one time payment might appeal to some.

On top of being a one time payment, I can tell you exactly what it will be used for, coffee. At this point all the proceeds raised from my Ko-fi page will go towards paying for coffee at my local café so I can have a fun, but distraction free, work place. You can rest comfortably in the knowledge that your $5 will be put to good use, renting a public office for my writing. On top of that you’ll get a special discord role, Coffee Patron, on my discord server!

If you want to donate you can click on the support me button floating on the bottom left of your page; I added a floating button. Or you can click on the following button

Buy Me a Coffee at

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